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Uvok my name
I am of chee
I want no fame
But I like tea

I love the snow
And when there's ice
Temperatures low
I think that's nice

I also like
To read a book
And go by bike
And be a cook

I like to know
'bout tech a lot
But I say no
I am no bot

I am so shy
Hide in my box
I dunno why -

But there's no locks
So visit me
And give a hug
I am a chee
And might bring luck

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Tea is mocking me
"If you wanna live, you have to do something"

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Okay, short introduction.
After studying electrical engineering, I code for a living, for nearly five years now.
Embedded development (microcontroller) in C it is, and also C# / .NET (WPF) development.

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My life:

"Oh! I still wanted to listen to these podcasts.
Oh, I have to to the dishes!
Oh, I wanted to finish reading the newspaper!
Oh, I need to clean this room!

oh! Day's over? D: I finished nothing. And I wanted to do $project some time... why do I never find time to do it?"

I hope my life will never depend on my hecking working

Sometimes I think I'm making progress with playing , then I'm feeling like I'm making none at all `\O/`

Let's see how much if a hassle it is to maintain my stock with

Wenn Privacy Badger "Verify By VISA" blockt und du dich wunderst, warum die Zahlung nicht geht >.>

Problem solved: It's because I blocked a lot of domains * domains via pi.hole

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Is it weird I only have friends/contacts within the furry fandom? (Wouldn't even know how to get to know people outside of Telegram groups/online forums)

I wonder whether there's a job I'd like to do more than my current one.

Trying all out seems to be impossible for me, however...

I really wish the people laid off by #Mozilla would just start their own nonprofit to maintain a fork of #Firefox that *actually* respects our privacy.

Why is bugging me to download a fresh copy of to update form version 79 to version 79?

help request_
When shooting a spawner with [space] and an enemy comes running out, the target doesn't seem to change, i.e. the running enemy doesn't get shot, but still the base.
I seem to have to move the mouse over the enemy to get *it* shot.

Am I missing something?


I made gnocchi with chicken and a sauce containing spinach yesterday :blobfox3c:

Also, last day before work starts again after 2 weeks if vacation.

I feel good. I related, I went swimming, I did a lot of cooking.

Also, I busied myself with finances and even created a budget

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