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Uvok my name
I am of chee
I want no fame
But I like tea

I love the snow
And when there's ice
Temperatures low
I think that's nice

I also like
To read a book
And go by bike
And be a cook

I like to know
'bout tech a lot
But I say no
I am no bot

I am so shy
Hide in my box
I dunno why -

But there's no locks
So visit me
And give a hug
I am a chee
And might bring luck

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Tea is mocking me
"If you wanna live, you have to do something"

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Okay, short introduction.
After studying electrical engineering, I code for a living, for nearly five years now.
Embedded development (microcontroller) in C it is, and also C# / .NET (WPF) development.

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My life:

"Oh! I still wanted to listen to these podcasts.
Oh, I have to to the dishes!
Oh, I wanted to finish reading the newspaper!
Oh, I need to clean this room!

oh! Day's over? D: I finished nothing. And I wanted to do $project some time... why do I never find time to do it?"

Die Regierung in #Thüringen einigt sich auf ein neues Vergabegesetz: "Wir haben erstmalig für IT-Anschaffungen Open-Source-Lösungen als bevorzugt aufgenommen. Damit folgen wir einer Einschätzung des Chaoscomputerclubs zur IT-Sicherheit. Zusammen mit dem Open-Source-Preis, den wir im Haushalt verankert haben, können wir in Thüringen mehr digitale Resilienz und Nachhaltigkeit verankern." #Nachhaltigkeit #FreieSoftware #OpenSource #Politik

Unpopular opinion, job interview 

I thought than running a -1 under with a spare disk means that the spare disk automatically gets used when one of the "main" drives fails or gets removed.
But that doesn't seem to be true.

I'm confused.

Quote from a podcast.
"As a developer, you need to get used to feeling stupid. Because if you're not, you're not learning anything "

That kinda motivating.

I haven't got a lovely bunch of coconuts.
I've got no lovely bunch of coconuts.
I ain't got no lovely bunch of coconuts.
I don't have a lovely bunch of coconuts.

The concept of "login shells" and "interactive shells" in conjuction with .bashrc / .bash_profile is really confusing to me, especially since you can configure some terminal emulators to behave as either

I finally got the Internet set up in my den so I can work from home.


Your mother is so beautiful, no wonder you are beautiful, too

Die Herren von @minkorrekt haben mich dazu inspiriert, ein T-Shirt zu kaufen ;)

Piracy (yes, not a typo) 

I'm kinda bored with my current job, yet I don't want to move somewhere else for the fear of having to find new social contacts / friends, also I have never moved "an entire household" before.
Also, I dislike the whole application process thingy. And what if I wouldn't like the new job?

I managed to implement the fix.
Now I can replace atol and atoi by strtol.

I actually also wanted to decide between strtol and strtoul in case of an assignment (and declaration), depending on the variable type.

But I couldn't figure out how to get the variable type. I got as far as binaryOperator()->getLHS() (in case of assignment), but couldn't get further.

The doxygen documentation didn't help much, either :/ And I couldn't find other examples / fixers that do what I want... Maybe what I want to do is "wrong" / not intended to be done?

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