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Uvok my name
I am of chee
I want no fame
But I like tea

I love the snow
And when there's ice
Temperatures low
I think that's nice

I also like
To read a book
And go by bike
And be a cook

I like to know
'bout tech a lot
But I say no
I am no bot

I am so shy
Hide in my box
I dunno why -

But there's no locks
So visit me
And give a hug
I am a chee
And might bring luck

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Okay, short introduction.
After studying electrical engineering, I code for a living, for nearly five years now.
Embedded development (microcontroller) in C it is, and also C# / .NET (WPF) development.

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My life:

"Oh! I still wanted to listen to these podcasts.
Oh, I have to to the dishes!
Oh, I wanted to finish reading the newspaper!
Oh, I need to clean this room!

oh! Day's over? D: I finished nothing. And I wanted to do $project some time... why do I never find time to do it?"


I'm that weird guy who complains to himself none of his friends congratulates him to his birthday, completely disregarding that they probably simply don't know when it is.
(it's already over btw)

At the same time not knowing when his friends' birthdays are

Also, I spent far too much time on the computer lately.

Programming related, had to announce I'm unable to complete implementing a feature I offered to implement in an open source project.

I simply lack either time or motivation, alternating(ly?).

Quite an eventless birthday. But I gave myself a restaurant visit as present :3

Shoutout to
I never thought I could "build by own computer" with NAND gates


One of those "weird" words I don't use every day.
Also, quite some uncommon letters

Wordle 208 5/6



That one was close

Wordle 207 6/6


Wordle can be fun

Wordle 206 3/6


I'm bored D:

At the same time I don't want to do anything

I always thought the freezer compartment was a magical place where everything lasts eternally.

Now I got some rolls from it yesterday so I'd have them for breakfast today. They're hard as stone. Even after toasting them. D:

Ich glaub ich bin ein Messie, oder zumindest ein StΓΌck weit

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