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Uvok my name
I am of chee
I want no fame
But I like tea

I love the snow
And when there's ice
Temperatures low
I think that's nice

I also like
To read a book
And go by bike
And be a cook

I like to know
'bout tech a lot
But I say no
I am no bot

I am so shy
Hide in my box
I dunno why -

But there's no locks
So visit me
And give a hug
I am a chee
And might bring luck

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Tea is mocking me
"If you wanna live, you have to do something"

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Okay, short introduction.
After studying electrical engineering, I code for a living, for nearly five years now.
Embedded development (microcontroller) in C it is, and also C# / .NET (WPF) development.

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My life:

"Oh! I still wanted to listen to these podcasts.
Oh, I have to to the dishes!
Oh, I wanted to finish reading the newspaper!
Oh, I need to clean this room!

oh! Day's over? D: I finished nothing. And I wanted to do $project some time... why do I never find time to do it?"


I had a wonderful takeaway lunch today from a café/restaurant :)

I want a 20 hour week, and still receive "enough" money 🤷‍♂️

@gnome and KDE deepen their commitment to work together and unveil KNOME, a new desktop that brings users the best of both worlds:

Just found out the replacement strings they sold me with my months ago are for a 3/4 guitar, so they're useless for me :/
Oh well, gonna order new ones. Is "Thomann" (Germany) a reliable source? Advise and alternatives gladly accepted

Ich erhalte diverse Meldungen, dass die Kombination Jitsi-Meet-App + Blokada (aktiv) nicht funktioniert.

Wer eine Lösung kennt - außer deaktivieren - bitte melden.

Curly braces around single statements in conditional/ loop blocks? Yay or nay?

Kinda frustrated about resonance of open strings: c

does something weird for me these days. Message / toot count near the home icon always goes up on a refresh, although there are definitely not so many messages

Looking for an app to read and "play" sheet music (as in, generate and play the audio, MIDI-like). My current setup is to use on Linux to enter them, export it as and import it in PhonicScore from the Google PlayStore. Ideally, I'd like an open source app from any repository.

corona adjacent, german 

~ They will not change us ~
~ They will not break us ~

Politik*, deutsch 

Entropy sort.
Wait until the end of the universe, then it doesn't matter anymore

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Uvok sort

Box all the numbers in the array, then lay onto them

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