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Uvok my name
I am of chee
I want no fame
But I like tea

I love the snow
And when there's ice
Temperatures low
I think that's nice

I also like
To read a book
And go by bike
And be a cook

I like to know
'bout tech a lot
But I say no
I am no bot

I am so shy
Hide in my box
I dunno why -

But there's no locks
So visit me
And give a hug
I am a chee
And might bring luck

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Okay, short introduction.
After studying electrical engineering, I code for a living, for nearly five years now.
Embedded development (microcontroller) in C it is, and also C# / .NET (WPF) development.

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My life:

"Oh! I still wanted to listen to these podcasts.
Oh, I have to to the dishes!
Oh, I wanted to finish reading the newspaper!
Oh, I need to clean this room!

oh! Day's over? D: I finished nothing. And I wanted to do $project some time... why do I never find time to do it?"

Sieh mal einer an, was es in der Bibliothek gab. Die wissen, was die Leute wollen :)

Just signed up for the in the city. I already have an account in my village's one, but the city one is HUGE :3

Also, my guitar lessons start next week. Which is kinda good because it means I won't be sitting around at home alone for this one hour at least.
But "kinda bad" because that means I'll have to practice which means even less time for cleaning up... ... haha, yea, who am I kidding, I wouldn't have used the time for that anyway

But you know what, I least I went swimming today, went for 10 lanes @ 50 meters each, and went into the steam bath (?correct word?) afterwards

re: mental health 

mental health 

physical health 

I received a I ordered and set up on my Pi to monitor my fridge temperature...

But now I wonder whether Influx is the "best" solution or whether one of the dozens of alternatives ( is "better", especially
- RAM consumption and
- disk corruption (writes to SD card!)

I hate if there's so much to choose from >.<
Any experiences?

I bought myself a guitar.
Lessons start in October, though I'm already skimming over the Wikibooks book about guitars

politics, Germany 

I bought an ear thermometer, and I'm unsure how to correctly insert it, since I'm getting widely (~0.5°C) different measurements

I need to take a deep dive into someday. Currently, I don't know what to do about "undefined" types, whether Ghidra can "automagically" detect classes, and what to do about conflict / overlapping situations.
Also, I need to look into x86 instructions it seems.
Also, I switched back and forth between and Ghidra today, I wish I could integrate on in the other. (Ghidra = decompiler, x64dbg = live debug)

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