Daaaaaaamn I haven't been back to this site in MONTHS. I see I didn't miss anything.

Snow then rain then sun then snow again. Maybe the end of the world is possible...🤔

Welp, time to see what the new meme is for 2019. uwu
Happy new you year.

Man I just get garbage recognition anymore. Heck welp rip this account. It was fun while it lasted.

Blue foxes are known to make anyone else’s day a little less blue.

I think Mastadon needs... 


Tired: Romeo and Juliet
Wired: Physics and Multivariate Calculus

Tired: Breathing as a human necessity
Wired: Breathing out heavily in the cold like your a dragon breathing fire

This is my lanyard. There are many like it, but this one is mine! 💙

On another note, apparently I drink monster energy drinks now. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I slowly hate irl people more and more with each passing day.

Some scumbag stole my bike last night & I LITERALLY couldn’t be having a better morning...

Stsrting Monday off with a headache. What a day to be alive.

Guys I hate to say this but...it’s clearly MOTHtober.

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