Note that's not 8 hours of meetings, that's *one* meeting for 8 hours (including a working lunch)

Just survived an 8 hour meeting, AMA

🎶 Now I've got that feeling once again, I can't explain (you would not understand), this is not how I am... 🎶

Apologies to anyone who's reached out to me recently, this has been a... really bad week, mental health wise. I promise I'm trying to do better, but things keep slipping through the cracks...

I'm trying to reset my password, and what does this error message even _mean_


david lynch campaigning for laura dern's oscar nomination on a street corner with a live cow, 2006



Dropbox found that developer ergonomics are so important to velocity that it's cheaper to pay two teams to write the same code in two languages than to force both teams to share a single language.


Super late, but DenFur loot post! The dealer's den was great, tons of cool artists attended

Right now I have each installed on dedicated SATA drives so it's not an issue, but my desktop only has one M.2 slot so they either have to colocate, or one doesn't get to live on the M.2 drive

People who know things about computers: does Windows 10 get upset if it's not the only OS installed on the boot drive? Looking at getting a 1TB M.2 SSD for my desktop and allocating 256GB/768GB for Linux/Windows, but I've had issues in the past when they were colocated

The sign is two sided, but it's on a one way street :D

A quick stop at the "ejaculate and evacuate," then time to start the loooong drive home

This sign is giving off an incredibly threatening aura

Forgot to mention it, but I'm camping and have extremely limited/no cell service until Thursday (no signal at the campsite)! I'll respond to messages as soon I can!

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