Very curious what's going on in the life of my neighbor down the street, who's had at least one, and as many as 3 plumber vans outside their house every time I've driven by for the past week

Ahh I missed it while I didn't have internet, but look at this wonderful piece of art from! ❤ watercolors


Watercolors for and!

SMH, I was gone for _3 days_ and someone dropped the render distance in Austin to "low"

Going camping this weekend, so won't have much/any internet access! Be good while I'm gone

I think about this tweet every time I have to buy toilet paper

"Artificial intelligence is no match for organic stupidity"


things that are supposed to make the roads safer may be having the opposite effect. we're in the dangerous transition phase from old to new. check out this study: Adaptive cruise-control and other driver-assistance systems may increase distracted driving

To new challenges, and old friends to face them with

Jacato was great to work with, go commission them!


Commission slots for January, 2020 are now open!
Speedpaints and Illustrations!
Open until further notice!

Almost missed it, but the car hit an important milestone today!


In improv there’s a term for a player who sets something up, and then their scene partner builds on it, and then the first person ignores that and goes back to their own original idea. The term is “amateur.” This is a star wars tweet


Hot programming take: Java Spring is the framework for failed developers. I will not be taking questions at this time

Current mood: that one scene in star trek voyager where Janeway declines coffee because "one more cup and *I'll* go to warp"

Furry trash level: it's "Tacky Tiki" day at work, so I'm wearing Nick Wilde's Hawaiian shirt to the office


They’re up in the art show! Art show is open now, closes Saturday at 7pm!


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