WHOA it's purple over here

this feels like a porpentine twinefic

@Terrana another cool-looking furry instance? how many accounts do y'all expect me to make q~q

jk hello

i'm gonna figure out what to do with this account someday >:1

what this instance needs is a new-accounts initiative

another day living in the caves under the mountain. everyone keeps asking me if we can release the ghosts from the box. buddy, ralmélë the wise breathed life into me ten thousand moons ago specifically to stop that from happening

Building good communities is more important then enforcing rules

Helping someone understand why rules exist is more important then telling them what the rules are

You don't have to build your communities like you're a company. You can just TALK to people.

DO be explicit about your community norms. DO use your moderation tools to enforce them where necessary. But for the love of god, don't mistake rules lawyering for an actual community.

if this instance were to fed with awoo.space i would seriously consider just moving here

Wait omg there's vulpine.club now?!

This is literally me? :fox:

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