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Who is this weirdo, anyway? 

Ask, don’t presume.

A certain person started calling me “Kitsune” ― understanding her reasons, I did not object, and it became a kind of in–joke between us, each buying the other fox–themed baubles or what have you.

Anime fan, but mostly old stuff. Sometimes found at conventions with a LaserDisc player.

Accepting your self–description is only good sense. How can I know better than you who you are? This doesn’t necessarily imply that I embrace whatever theoretical framework you are working in.

Apparently some people seem to think a self–description ought to include something about gender presentation (although, on the Internet, you can basically say anything), so here goes. Side whiskers, necktie, waistcoat, cufflinks, pocket watch, fur–felt fedora hat in appropriate weather. Yes, I mean fedora, not trilby or porkpie! People mostly use masculine third–person pronouns to refer to me, I guess, but that kind of implies I’m not part of the conversation, so why should I care what you do?

Medical troubles define far too much of my life.

Do not expect me to be enthusiastic about computer–related topics.

And now to wrap my sibling's birthday and Christmas presents for the coming three years, using the absolute most obnoxious wrapping paper I could find ― something ghastly from the 1970s which wound up in a thrift store after 40 years in someone's closet.

I can now announce that I will be mounting a display on atomic energy at the upcoming World Science Fiction Convention in Chicago. I will have a 3×6 meter booth with two tables and two art boards for display items.

Now I need badges and stickers to give away, table drapes, and so on. Any contributions of support will be received with gratitude, and if you leave me your mailing address, acknowledged with premiums and space stamps.

If anybody needs a generic "Girl" ID card, here, use this.

I have decided :

"Where the Crawdads Sing" is a Southern Gothic adaptation of "Higurashi no naku koro ni".

The Saturday "Wall Street Journal" included a piece with the title "Bed, Bath, and Behind".

I suspect this would sound a bit different to people like @artemis and me than what the headline-writer intended!

geopolitics, cheesy music 

Putin thinks he's the guy in the gold cape and the fancy hat, but really he's the baldy in the blue pyjamas.

If you're not part of the elephant, you're part of the

Arise, ye hopeful of all nations!
Arise, ye watchers of the stars!
'Tis time to leave your contemplations,
and seek the Moon and Mars!
No more unto this planet bounden,
nor Gravitation's thrall,
we seek, not new, but no horizons,
The Universe is room for all!


Needs work, I know.

Hail to the Glorious 20th of July!

theatre of competency (medical) 

Hospital : We can't do such-&-such procedure without Prior Authorization from your Insurance Carrier, which we have not yet received, 6 weeks after requesting it.

Insurance Carrier : We have no record of receiving any Prior Authorization request.

Round and round we go…

food, - 


Even the "good" brands of turkey breakfast sausage patties have this horrible plasticky texture.

beverage, vile, slightly vore-ish 

Today was so annoying that I went to a Sonic (America's Drive-In™) and ordered what looked like the worst thing on the menu.

It ended up being a close competition with the "Sour Patch Kids Slush-Float," but I bought a "Shark Week Slush". Blue coconut slush, strawberry puddled on top, and two blue gummi sharks (raspberry flavoured).


This week's "Texas Monthly" is headlined "The River Issue", and I can't stop myself saying "that flows into the Lost Sea of Korad!"


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