are you a dragon?

@IceWolf @ofafeather @Felthry that's what I was going for there! I didn't think about systems where there's more than one dragon, though!

@troodon Not Presently. I like being this weird cat-eyed trick dog too much. :3

Circumstances do change though, who can say.

@troodon "Am I that kind of scaley? No. Do I wanna whisk away your town's fair maiden and set some shit on fire? Yes."

^^ my thought process on this one

@Jacel I actually considered including "I don't know" as an option... 💚


@troodon i'm "some guy that'd really really really really really really prefer being a dragon", but making the jump from that to a confidently-stated "dragon stuck in a human's body" self-description has been pretty hard, and i don't really know why i'm so hesitant to?

maybe on some level i have trouble accepting this can be real, that people can be dragons if they want to be. or that some just are. which is pretty rich, considering i was literally spiraling about my disdain for my human body 15 minutes ago, totally a thing that humans _definitely_ do

i put "it's complicated", but... it's not that complicated lmao, hmm can i change my answer 😳👉👈

re: dump 

@quat practice makes perfect? ;)

there've been kerfluffles in the past about "otherkin appropriating trans narratives/vocabulary," but the amount of overlap between trans and otherkin people makes that Venn diagram more of a sloppy oval. and for both of them, the same fact emerges: really *wanting* to be something else--another gender, or another species--is a clear indicator that you truly are trans/otherkin. cis humans may play with the idea of being something else, but they don't get fixated and fascinated with the idea. wanting really *really* hard is a very good indicator that yes, you actually *are*. of course, becoming is a process, which usually takes time, effort, and a *lot* of introspection. but again, it's not something that people do just for the hell of it; it's done out of a deep *need*, and that need is real.

have you read much of Baxil's writing on draconity? some of that might help, one way or another. but either way, may I follow you? you seem like a nifty person I'd like to hang around with, regardless. :) *nosebump*

re: dump 

@troodon @quat Ooh, I am going to have to read that link. :3

And yeah. In my opinion, we're not just trans-like, we ARE trans. Not transgender, but trans in our own way.

Except for the societal stuff, it feels like /everything/ applies pretty much exactly.

re: dump 

@troodon thank you 😌 a few ppl have told me things along those lines, i gotta... drive it into my head a little harder, really internalize it, i guess

- i have not, and i'm leafing through those writings now :dragneyes:

- and ok go ahead !

@troodon [α] Um, what if we’re two dragons who are miscible to make one and interleave/disinterleave frequently? Is that one vote or two? >..>

@troodon [α] … or do we count as our component sorta-birds instead? <..<

Fluidity makes polling difficult.

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