along with the exhortations to new folks to use content warnings, I would like to exhort masto veterans to be patient with new users, and to *please* include explanations of common abbreviations so the new folks can get a handle on them. examples:
pol = politics
uspol = US politics
mh = mental health
tf = transformation
+/- signs = positive or negative modifiers, so "uspol +" would refer to a story about US politics that is actually good (for a change).

feel free to reply to this with other common-ish examples if you can think of them!

@ouchiness like when a human turns into a werewolf, or an Autobot turns into a car. to be honest I'm not sure why there's a convention of CWing "tf" posts, other than maybe "transformation" is too long to write out? XD it's sometimes lewd/NSFW, but if it is that's usually mentioned in the CW as well.

@polymur I see it a lot! and some people are legit confused about what it means! XD

there's also uk pol for British politics and aus pol for Australian politics
Lewd implies that the content is sexual in nature
Lewd, implied nudity refers to nudity with nothing explicit visible
Nsfw/nudity denotes explicit visible genitalia

@troodon mh is also confusingly sometimes monster hunter

@troodon i had to look this up:
CW - content warning

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