people all freaking out about tumblr going down the toilet and "where will people go??" and I'm like "DreamWidth... still exists, and still has all the functionality of LJ..."

@troodon i don't think LJ/dreamwidth is the same as tumblr, at least for how i use it. i use tumblr to scroll through pictures and stuff and use reblogs to curate a collection of shit i like to look at sometimes. kind of like pinterest, except i hate pinterest even more.

@xyzzy nope, it's not the same. but a lot of people went to tumblr after LJ finally went down the drain, and a lot of people are looking for alternatives. it's a place to archive stuff, reconnect, catch one's breath, and look/wait/work for something more suitable.

@troodon @xyzzy Yeah, LiveJournal was so good at its niche and there's no solid reason Dreamwidth shouldn't fit that and remind people we needed that niche.

@troodon dreamwidth is great 💛 I wish I had the energy to keep up with it right now, I have an RP comm I want to get started

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