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it's in my bio.
it's in my pinned intro.

DM ME OR I WILL NOT APPROVE A FOLLOW REQUEST. (unless I'm already following you, in which case auto-accept)


feel like I should be posting this every damn day. I mean that won't work either, but...

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"badly explain your fursona"

um... look, the *accurate* explanation is "post-ego-collapse refugee dinosaur from an alternate dimension, who used to be a Martian paleontologist," so

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account note: if I boost a toot that has a picture or gif that isn't captioned, I *pledge* to immediately follow it up with a non-@ reply describing the image.

also: if you can, please, PLEASE caption the images and gifs you post? if you can't, it's okay, but if you can, please do.

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oh is it time again already?

* furry-adjacent saurian/dragonkin
* bitey, with feathers
* green hair
* (they/them or zie/zir)
* currently ace/aro
* historically
* intermittent mostly of
* lifelong depressive disorder, currently mostly in remission
* occasionally posts about "woo-stuff" (magic/spirituality/weirdness)
* frequently posts about wildlife (birds, coyotes, squirrels)
* 2 adorable
* 1 adorable

hey, folks--if you follow me and you're on, you might want to consider moving to another instance. one of the admins of is being a raging jerkwad publicly, and it's causing a lot of other instances to silence *all* of, and in some cases defederate from them entirely. I think still associates with it and doesn't have it silenced... yet.

there's lots of other instances, from large to tiny, that you can join out there--heck, is cool!--and if you send me a DM letting me know you're "formerly from" when you get a new account I'll followback right away.

anyway that's all! :D

dear people making loud equipment noises outside:


I don't know what you're doing but I don't like it and you should stop.

--me, a cranky dragon who probably shouldn't nap anyway but really wants to

okay I've got one more thing to say before I got to sleep:

during your life, you will notice endings. endings are easy to spot, and can be very hard to miss. everything ends, sooner or later, every life, every state of being, every place, every thing.

but the truth is that, every day, every moment, all around you, *things are also beginning*. every thing that ever ends had a beginning once. and in the beginning, everything is small and fragile.

we can't see the future, so we can't know what new things that begin around us will grow into tremendous things later on, and which will evaporate, never amounting to much.

so do what you can, in the small beginnings, every day. say something kind to a stranger. do a favor for someone in need. make a connection. strengthen a bond. plant a seed. start a habit.

all things will end eventually, but we've got several billion years before we run out of beginnings.

wait--I didn't used to be on, I used to be on either way, I moved for a larger character count on posts, because I Talk A Lot. :P

dreambit: sometimes I'm the nightmare (implied gore) 

to whoever was having the dream about being a bunch of college students driving through a twilight forest in a Jeep that were suddenly attacked by a werewolf... sorry. if it's any consolation, *I* had a lot of fun. :D

@InspectorCaracal hey, uh, I was just alerted that Jake's account is gone. do you know anything about this? I didn't notice that they hadn't posted in a while because I've been kind of sporadic here lately... I hope they're okay. :|

re: David Bowie, poll (smutty) 

(I am sad that it will not let me take my own poll, but my vote would be "both... both is good")

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David Bowie, poll (smutty) 

I have a theory that everybody who is a fan of (or even just likes) David Bowie either wants to fuck him or be him, or possibly both. so!

David Bowie:

tfw you have a tune stuck in your head and it takes you a good five minutes to recognize it as the Nook's Cranny store music

COVID, cops, birdsite, ACAB, extremely dark humor 

I mean, that's one way to contribute to abolishing police...


spider-fan, spider-fan
likes whatever a spider can (do)
keeps them safe, gives respect
prefers them to insects
look out!
I've got a spider in this cup, do you want to see??
(here comes a spider fan)

local wildlife: odd hawk behavior, do not know if ok :boost_requested:​ 

three of the coopers' hawks were sitting on the lawn when I went out to my car this morning. two of them were just hanging around, but the third was "dancing"--flying up and kicking, and pecking at its feet. I thought that it had caught some food, but after they flew away I checked the ground and there was nothing--no torn bits of any kind of prey animal. in looking at the pictures, I'm now not sure if the third hawk was actually a coopers', or if it's a juvenile and the other two were adults, or if it was the adult and the other two were juveniles. also, I thought from its behavior that it might have had something caught on its right leg, but I can't see anything from the pictures. it didn't seem to be *limping* as such, but they aren't exactly tremendous *walking* birds, and it flew fine. if you know anything about Seattle area hawks, and would be willing to look at a couple of pictures to figure out what's up, I'd appreciate it! the pictures are very big and blurry because all I have to take them with is my phone. >_______< I have several other pictures I can also DM or upload, if it'd help, but these are the best, so don't expect better quality...

how to be a dragon*:

1. think: do I want to be a dragon?
1.5. :thaenkin:​​
2. answer: yes I do want to be a dragon.
3. be a dragon.
4. 🐲 🐲 🐲 🐲 🐲

* this technique works for many other things to be as well

today's critters seen out the office window count: one bun, one house sparrow, two crows. the crows were an adult and a fledgling, strolling across the lawn looking for breakfast bits, as demonstrated when the adult found something tasty and the fledgling (although slightly larger) *immediately* ran over and began wing-fluttering and begging, *loudly*. "YOU FOUND A THING PUT IT IN MY MOUTH I'M HUNGRY MOM PUT IT IN MY FACE I NEED IT AAAH AAAAH AAAAAAAH" I'm glad everybody's having a nice morning on the grass, because the yard workers are coming and soon nobody's going to be having a nice morning any more. D: I mean, everybody will be fine, the buns will be safe in the blackberry underbrush and the birds will just go elsewhere, but it's noisy and disruptive and tosses grass bits everywhere and kicks up allergies and I may be projecting more than a little aaaaaaaaaaaaa

are you a dragon?

local wildlife report 

heard an angry squeaky toy right outside the window this morning--looked, but couldn't find it, but that's the sound of a juvenile sharp-shinned hawk being cranky because mom stopped feeding it. XD

now instead I'm hearing angry kazoos, and seeing juvenile crows flapping around, chasing the adults and demanding food. seems to be weaning time for lots of the bird kids...

bun neighbor update: multiple buns confirmed 

a couple of nights ago I dreamed that Spouse and I were out for a walk and saw four different rabbits at the same time and I was so relieved, because it's not good for buns to be alone and I'd only ever seen one bun at a time near our building. Spouse says that it's obvious it's two different rabbits, but I can't tell the difference that well (and tbh I don't think he can either).

but this morning I looked out the window and saw TWO. BUNS. both just hanging out in the grass, munching and loafing. a person walking a dog nearby scared one of them back into the blackberries so now there's just one bun again, but I SAW TWO BUNS! I feel better about the local bun population now. :D

new MBTI types:
* !?*!

Seattle protest action 

from the streams here it looks like the cops are running the protesters in circles, trying to keep them moving, maybe wear them out. they're sheepdogging.

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