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"badly explain your fursona"

um... look, the *accurate* explanation is "post-ego-collapse refugee dinosaur from an alternate dimension, who used to be a Martian paleontologist," so

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no, seriously: I WILL NOT ACCEPT FOLLOWS UNLESS YOU SEND ME A DM (or unless I'm already following you; follow-backs are auto-accepted). just say hi! if you're too afraid of me to send a DM, what the &*$^ makes you think I'm willing to let you see the stuff I post followers-only? sheesh.

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account note: if I boost a toot that has a picture or gif that isn't captioned, I *pledge* to immediately follow it up with a non-@ reply describing the image.

also: if you can, please, PLEASE caption the images and gifs you post? if you can't, it's okay, but if you can, please do.

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oh is it time again already?

* furry-adjacent saurian/dragonkin
* bitey, with feathers
* green hair
* (they/them or zie/zir)
* currently ace/aro
* historically
* intermittent mostly of
* lifelong depressive disorder, currently mostly in remission
* occasionally posts about "woo-stuff" (magic/spirituality/weirdness)
* frequently posts about wildlife (birds, coyotes, squirrels)
* 2 adorable
* 1 adorable

well I was going to go to the remnants of Northgate mall to do a capitalism, but Nature! there's a windstorm on, and, well. this isn't an entire tree, despite appearances; it's about 1/2 of the upper 2/3, a large fork, that was apparently (going by the looks of the bole at the end of the branch) having some severe problems already. this is directly across the semi-arterial along which the bus I was going to take needed to travel. I did a capitalism at the walking-distance stores instead, and by the time I was done there (half an hour maybe) the big branch had been pulled off to the side and reduced to firewood chunks.

wildlife rescue volunteer report (mild human nipping) 

re: wildlife rescue report 

re: wildlife rescue report 

wildlife rescue bitey report (small non-graphic animal death, very minor human injury) 

an amusing meme from Birbhell:

"You've been kidnapped. Your kidnappers allow you to keep tweeting to pretend everything is alright. What would you tweet that would alarm your followers without the kidnappers knowing you're asking for help?"

my response:
"ugh I'm so sick of seeing these *feathers* all over dinosaurs these days, they just look *silly*"

alternately, and shorter:
"dragons are dumb"

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re: wildlife rehab report (fairly boring) 

wildlife rehab report (fairly boring) 

dammit I just wanted to go to sleep, I didn't *want* to be having a transcendent experience, I've got shit to do tomorrow

so, you want to follow someone? cool! you know how you click on their user name, and you see that "follow" button? there's some stuff under that, it's called the "user profile" or something, I know it's a lot of words but maybe if you're going to follow someone you should read them? because they sometimes have information like, oh, just for a random example, "if you'd like to follow, |SEND ME A DM| and tell me" and that might be, like, important? or something?

this cranky snark brought to you by the last HALF-DOZEN OR SO PEOPLE who have managed to click the "follow" button on my profile WITHOUT BOTHERING TO READ ANYTHING ACTUALLY IN THAT PROFILE. *or* the pinned toots. yes I know that doesn't automatically show up on some (any?) mobile platforms; however, if that's the case that means if you are reading and wanting to follow people via a mobile platform maybe YOU SHOULD BE MAKING THE EFFORT TO FIND AND READ THAT EXTRA INFORMATION.

Harry Potter and the Death of Authorial Intent

Harry Potter and the Painfully Obvious Plot Hole

Harry Potter and That Thing, What's It Called, No The Other Thing, The One With The Stuff

oh! last night Spouse and I listened to bird calls on my Cornell Lab app (seriously I *adore* that thing) and determined that the owl we heard hooting is in fact a barred owl, not great horned. apparently barred owls only do the monkey-screeching as a mating/territorial thing; when they're just hanging out and hooting to themselves it's a much more normal owl "whoooo." I'm mildly sad that we apparently don't have a great horned owl in the area, but having barred owls is still cool! as long as they aren't being too aggressive. which they can get, in the autumn when they're pair-bonding and establishing nesting territories. >_____<

oooh, owl hooting outside! it's definitely not a barred owl--might be a barn owl, but it sounds more like a great horned and that's really cool! :D :D

dang, that's a *lot* of angry crow yelling. they've either found a predator... or a mylar balloon. >_____<

friends being harassed, anger, swearing, yes Chara/Kel/whoever I'm talking about you 

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