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"badly explain your fursona"

um... look, the *accurate* explanation is "post-ego-collapse refugee dinosaur from an alternate dimension, who used to be a Martian paleontologist," so

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no, seriously: I WILL NOT ACCEPT FOLLOWS UNLESS YOU SEND ME A DM (or unless I'm already following you; follow-backs are auto-accepted). just say hi! if you're too afraid of me to send a DM, what the &*$^ makes you think I'm willing to let you see the stuff I post followers-only? sheesh.

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account note: if I boost a toot that has a picture or gif that isn't captioned, I *pledge* to immediately follow it up with a non-@ reply describing the image.

also: if you can, please, PLEASE caption the images and gifs you post? if you can't, it's okay, but if you can, please do.

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oh is it time again already?

* furry-adjacent saurian/dragonkin
* bitey, with feathers
* green hair
* (they/them or zie/zir)
* currently ace/aro
* historically
* intermittent mostly of
* lifelong depressive disorder, currently mostly in remission
* occasionally posts about "woo-stuff" (magic/spirituality/weirdness)
* frequently posts about wildlife (birds, coyotes, squirrels)
* 2 adorable
* 1 adorable

fairly unexciting wildlife rescue volunteering report 

FFXIV Shadowbringers new "solo duty" thing 

re: ffxiv Shadowbringers early MSQ spoilers 

re: ffxiv Shadowbringers early MSQ spoilers 

re: ffxiv Shadowbringers early MSQ spoilers 

ffxiv Shadowbringers early MSQ spoilers 

okay so I'm just starting Shadowbringers (like the first quest) and I have a spoilery question: 

wildlife rehab brief report 

wildlife rehab brief report 

FFXIV "The Legend Returns" MSQ mild spoiler 

yeah, I'm pretty sure Crow Mom is on her second clutch of the summer. the pair of fledglings from the first clutch are now hanging around together--still begging for food from the grownups, but moving around more independently. they visited my porch for a round of peanuts, and it was adorable to watch them inexpertly dealing with "OMG PEANUTS how does this MAYBE IF I SCREM AT IT oh crap I dropped it YOU HAS A PEANUT I SCREM AT YOU"

re: ffxiv "the will of the moon" quest spoiler, Sadu squeeing 

ffxiv "the will of the moon" quest spoiler, Sadu squeeing 

possible plant illness--advice/suggestions welcome 

hmm... I put out peanuts and cat food for the crows, and *six* showed up. there were definitely four on the balcony, and two more in the trees, and they weren't fighting or chasing each other away. there's at least two fledglings yelling for food... I wonder if Mom had another clutch? or if they somehow picked up another fledgling from somewhere? *corvid shruggles*

I should probably be making food instead of putting googly eyes on the appliances


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