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need housing :boost_requested: 

We need out of here. I don't have the spoons to describe why our current place is so awful, but it is. Some kind of "transitional housing" place, and it's abusive.

We're in the California Bay Area. Anywhere where we can reasonably get to BART without a car works equally well.

[disclaimer: his name's pronounced with a V sound instead of an F there]

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gun related joke 

assault unicorn (mid-range horn, automatic fire modes)

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i seem to be entering into a stickering conflict with a uni group that's very strongly transphobic & queerphobic

recommendations on queer pride stickers i can stock up on please?

.hg Trans and nonbinary creatures who take estrogen or testosterone:
1. Does either of the binary genders fit you reasonably well? and
2. If your assignment at birth had been different, would you take the other hormone?

I saw a friend playing Vampire Survivors and now I wanna play it too!

Whereas on console, /any/ console, flawless wireless controllers are a given.

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We'd play games on PC a lot more often if PC worked reliably.

Mainly, it's our controller. Our new Bluetooth adapter doesn't work that great either. >,,<

Coffee acquired!!

... it tastes... sour, I think?

and also bitter at the same time? Bluh.


Coffee maker making gurgly sounds that make me think of digestion... >///>


tossing that into the search bar SHOULD bring up the post, but it doesn't.

It even does that on our own instance where full-text search is disabled, so it's not a full-text search thing.

hey @rey, weird technical issues goin' on! This time it's probably a bug rather than a design misfeature.

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What the heck.

Does putting a post link into the search bar not pull it up here??

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