Finally done reading Brave Story. Such a heartwarming moment :')

Also, unbelievably bloody for a middlegrade...

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Just realized my Discord server's 2 year anniversary was a few days ago!

Since creation we now have over 100 users. More than I ever expected to make.

I might be biased but it's also my favorite community on the internet.

If you're also a furry writer or reader or just a furry in general, come take a look!

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The opposite of wolfsbane is aRUUUUUUUgula

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Let's watch some kaiju movies!


THURSDAY JUNE 23 @ 9pm CST (2am UTC)

we will be watching:


its on which is free and ad free

please watch and live toot it with us


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Also, I forgot to put my tweet about the local LGBTQ+ bookstore opening on Mastodon. Oops!

Me: Changing the way my writing is organized of my game to this specific format will make writing it easier, faster, and better.

*A short while later*

Me: I reorganized it in a way that's exactly the same as before...

LRT Oh, to have that confidence on my projects. A blessing and a curse, maybe?

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Then again, one of the requirements is publishing a chapter weekly at the least. Not sure if I can do that...

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Wait, MyAnimeList is doing writing contests now? And winners have the opportunity to be published by one of Japan's largest publishing companies?

Why did no one tell me? D:

Me: "I'll just play a little bit of the sims 4 while the rest of my friends get ready for phasmophobia."

*4 hours later*

Friends: finished playing for the day.

Me: still playing the sims 4, thinking about abandoning the build...

CW: pol, inflation 

"One way to combat inflaiton is by not allowing prices to go higher"

You don't say ¬¬. No wonder you became president...

New TMNT beat'em up? Based on the 80s cartoon? Sign me up!

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Pre-orders are up for Blackmore, a charity fanzine for Blacksad (both the comics and the game). It includes fan fiction and fanart of the franchise's characters, created by a great list of writers and artists, and is available in both SFW and NSFW variants—you can get one, the other, or both.

I've drawn one picture for each of the two variants, so you know what to do: go and get them! :D

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Some at may recall seeing these leaflets either around the bar or at the table covered in leaflets near the hotel lobby.

It's for the upcoming book : The History of the Furry Fandom in the United Kingdom.


Read more for Q&A:

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Something to consider as we're in Pride Month: never let anyone else make you feel ashamed of yourself.

If you're enjoying something that isn't immoral-illegal and is just a thing not everyone agrees with: fuck the haters, be proud of you, and trust that those who matter aren't going to question you.

"Those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind." -Dr. Seuss

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