I don’t think many Europeans understand why Americans don’t travel very much. I haven’t been outside the country since 2019, and I was just looking to see how much it would cost for me and my husband to visit Paris. The least expensive flight I could find is a 12 hour trip each way that costs a total of US$2,200 round trip (plus taxes). It’s just such a high barrier :(

I’m not crazy! The national weather service confirmed that this is the coldest and wettest spring in Seattle since 2011. No wonder it still feels like winter outside.

I bought that BeBox brand new in 1996 after reading an article about Jean-Louis Gassée in WIRED magazine. I was really, really into Be for a while in the 1990s!

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Of all the computers I've owned, I only really regret getting rid of two of them. I gave my BeBox to a friend in 2000, and I sold a rare prototype NeXTstation Nitro to a collector in 2001. I wish I still had both!

I really want to go to Iceland this year, but I don't know if I can justify the trip. But I want to go so much :(

I'm jealous of Eurovision. There, I said it, and I feel better.

Of course, with American culture infecting and dominating the rest of the world, sometimes it's good that Europe gets to have their own thing that we're not part of.

Whenever anyone asks me “What time is it?” I have to resist the almost unbearable urge to answer in one of two ways:

1. “Time for you to buy a watch,” or,
2. “Four thirty! It’s not late, nah, it’s EARLY! EARLY!”

Holy cow! Nvidia finally released their Linux drivers as open source. I feel like I'm dreaming!

I finally finished reading "The Shadow Glass" by Josh Winning. It was very good! I was skeptical at first but it really won me over. If you like fantasy realism and fox puppets that come to life, absolutely recommended.

Joke overheard from YouTube user Truttle1: "There is this giant garbage patch in the Atlantic so large that it appears on maps. For more information, google the phrase 'United Kingdom'"

I laughed, but also I cried.

I should make wholewheat and/or oat pancakes more often. Golly. They're good and less of a sugar bomb than regular pancakes.

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Me watching Tesla’s stock price

Oh no, I forgot that Windows insists the system clock is local time, and Linux insists the system clock is UTC, and the two fight when you dual-boot, waugh!!!!

I am suddenly craving all the sardines. I think I know what I'm having for lunch...

One thing I deeply appreciate about Mastodon is that it's easy (and culturally very common!) to put anything that might be outrage-inducing behind a content warning. It's SO appreciated when people do this, even if I usually auto-expand them!

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