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_uncomfortable wag_ I'm actually looking forward to spring for maybe the first time ever... this is weird and unusual for me n.n

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Warm jacket, triple-layer leggings, tank top under dress. And it's still not super warm. But I prefer the cold :3

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dodge rolling at the instant the judge hits the gavel for my sentencing, gaining legal i-frames and avoiding my prison time

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For real, poly people deserve basic fucking rights like:

* Inheritance
* Marriage and divorce
* Having multiple parents listed in vital records (birth parents and others raising the child)
* Not having child protective services visits or your kids taken away
* Adoption
* Society not assuming the default relationship configuration is two for life
* Letting all members of a polyamorous relationship visit you in hospital or pick kids up from school

Rights couples take for granted...

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"don't be a dick" is not a proper code of conduct.
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