@monorail i think i've been in like exactly one situation where throwing a dagger was useful for me

my brain aint big enough to throw my weapon away

@cadey on Mastodon, no, there is no moderation API yet 😠
If you can get into the Rails console, though, there's the SuspendAccountService (usage example: monsterpit.net/@multiple_creat )

re: In which Mawr lays groundwork for an idea 

please send all inquiries and requests for licensing this idea to my agent


public bathhouse, but it's a building with a lot of private noise-isolating rooms with giant tubs and bath bomb dispensers on the walls

on that latest spammer, i got them suspended before the emails even showed up telling me there were reports

you'd think they'd check to make sure they're not directly @ing admins who can suspend them in exactly three (3) clicks?

hot take 

i am FINALLY home

i actually cried when i saw the river on the way home


it's so pretty, especially when i've been away for so long

Hong Kong politics; protests; solidarity; police violence in news article videos 

masto admin thoughts - responding to the spammer 

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