Follow (mostly, as far as I can tell) rejects gab, kiwifarms, etc from being able to see any of our content (uploaded media, toots, users, etc) from their servers. would it be useful to explain how we do this? if i say "i do user agent checking in nginx and block if it matches a set of expressions", does that explain it enough so that i don't need to write the post?

thanks in advance for your replies <3 (feel free to boost, i guess)

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@tastymochafox what I'm wondering as of today is if the archive asshole is blocked?

@tastymochafox seems like a good use case for local only posts in general. I'd been wondering all day what was up.

@starkatt yeah, sorry. sometimes i forget that my knowledge from watching the furry masto admins chat isn't magically propagated. turns out i have to communicate it for people to know. wild, right...

thanks for telling me how you're feeling about it <3

@tastymochafox we really appreciate the work you do here. Thanks so much 😊


β€œHere are the expressions I waded into hip-deep regexp to write” would help even people who have a clue as to how to make nginx do this. People who do not have this clue would probably appreciate a pointer to the appropriate part of the nginx docs at the very least.

@anthracite @tastymochafox as someone who's generally comfortable tinkering with backend stuff but brand new to configuring/admining a mastodon instance (which I hope to keep garbageperson-free) I agree that the actual expressions (or, a list of UA strings to look for) would be super helpful. Thank you for the annotated block list on github, by the way!

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