Awrite, I need to start putting shit on craigslist soon.

Does anyone around Seattle want:
* a big-ass bong ($200)
* a bicycle ($150)
* a nice barrel chair (legs currently detached, you will need a drill and/or a carpenter friend, $100)
* a chin-up bar (hangs on door, $20)
* a super-neat glass coffee table ($150)
* some assembled Lego (trevi fountain, Frozen castle, burj kalifa, Elves castle, w/ manuals and boxes, $150ish)
* a twin bed ($100)

More to come later, prices are starting points, make me an offer; you come pick it up.

I will probably make a more formal blog post with photos in the next couple days and put this on Craigslist too. And do a yard sale for that matter.


@anthracite i wanna see this bong πŸ‘€

also the glass coffee table and drawing table?

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Bong is clear glass, I like to put food coloring in the water. Needs cleaning, I will probably do that tonight.

Desk does not come with the stuff on top of it though I could certainly be persuaded to let go of the cutting mat and maybe some of my rulers/tsquares.


And here’s the coffee table. The black part has wheels on its legs; it swivels around the leg that it shares with the clear part and can hide beneath it. Both parts are glass, and the legs are detachable for transport.

Also my place is a mess, sorry πŸ˜‡

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