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I may as well make a new post since I got the admin bit here.
Hi! I'm Rylee. they/them or ve/ver pronouns!

Label collection: postfurry, pan, queer, nonbinary, kinky

I'm a tech worker by trade, making The Cloudℒ️ more reliable. By hobby I like shit posting, weed, emotions, peer counseling, swimming, cuddles, role-playing, writing, and of course, video gaming.

I'm a little picky with my followers so feel free to request but I might not approve for a while.

See you around!

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I got a bunch of follow requests without intros recently. They'll probably languish in my FR box for a while before I delete them. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

I'm pretty serious - if I don't know you (to be read as "on hugging terms in the orthocosm" for simplicity), please don't send a follow request without an intro. I'm just not willing to compromise my safety. I get vulnerable here, ok? The least you can do is reciprocate.

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there is no shame in consuming media however you want to

spoilers are yours to look at or not

recaps are fine if you don't want to watch an episode

you don't even have to know everything that happened, you can just skip episodes entirely

the media experience is what you make of it, not what the author intended. not entirely.

tv episode recaps are so good for when you just dissociated/half-napped through an entire episode and don't really want to re-watch it

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