I REALLY need to program a lisp interpreter. I just need to okay?

Thoughts on shaming poor people for not eating vegan 

Thing I love about my girl #239: She threatened to put me in a maid costume and force me to serve her coffee.

Actually posted a video today again.. It's of KSP, and I go to space, and there's a submarine in it! :D youtube.com/watch?v=8skR_mqC5j

How strange is it that while I'm still half functioning I'm not allowed to have help but if I want to kill myself then suddenly I'll be helped - apparently.

I'll either be okay again sometime within the month, end up in a crisis center or something when I run out of remaining medication, or end up somewhere else.

One of the places I went to for help said they only help inpatients. I'm not desperate enough for that hell right now. Maybe I will be, but I'm half certain I'll just be denied because of insurance anymore, so what's the point?

Don't know if this is a cry for help or not. I don't know if anyone really can considering the number of people and places I already went to asking for help.

I tried to post something here earlier, but the mobile interface fucks up a lot on my phone and I'm pretty sure it failed. I don't even know if it was worth posting.

I suddenly am without medical insurance, I've been off of one of my medications for days now, I'm really struggling, and I'm going to run out of everything else before I can get help again.

Guess who lost her medical insurance? :D

Guess who was not informed of this until 5 days after running out of her ADHD medication?

Guess who isn't allowed to know why her medical insurance was dropped?

Guess who now has been on hold for an hour to find out if she's allowed to have medical insurance again?

I just finished a modern art exhibit including music. Going to release an EP later.

Anyone else get that major freakout when you're in a public place and a kid at a neighboring table keeps glancing at you? >.<

In ~1 billion years, the Earth will lose all water due to an increase in the sun's brightness increasing the rate of hydrogen loss from our atmosphere. Whoa.

Polycule updated to account for several changes.. and I feel slightly weird about being at the center of a starburst. o.o Tbf I'm the only one that cares to update this thing and idk about others' potential partners. I also suddenly have an urge to send a pull request to this project with a few features.

yet more bad lewd kinkposting 

Cause that's my mood right now. And feeling overwhelmingly stupid for no reason.

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