Walmart, shootings, politics 

I'm a mechanical girl! :D Rotated tires and changed oil. It's not much but it's more than most people do for their cars.

Transphobia advice 

My favorite part of Arch Linux is the Arch Linux Wiki, which I frequently use to figure out how to do stuff on my Ubuntu installs.

Mild sexual reference 

I think capitalism's biggest and most successful grift was propagandizing Jobs = Purpose. Really well done. Now how do we unlearn that ridiculous shit and gravitate away from a dying jobs based economy to a Purpose based society :blobcatglaredrink: ?

I'm more proud of myself than I should be for pranking my girlfriend. :3

"Are you a boy or a girl?"
"I use vim"

(shamelessly stolen from a group chat)

Don't click this Robin 

Fun fact, the source of chemicals "known to the state of California to cause cancer" is anything that has any relationship to cancer found in a laboratory study, even if the study hasn't been replicated or wasn't done very well.

Instead of being a useful indicator of risk, it makes a laughingstock out of the nature of chemicals that actually cause cancer, and offers them a clear place to hide because signage warning of cancer causing chemicals are ignored.

For that matter, many chemicals in a hospital should cause cancer if misused, but I don't think I've seen this warning on any hospitals. Also, naturally produced chemicals in the human body are probably on that list, why are Californians not required to carry around a sign warning of their potential cancerous nature? In fact, all cancers are part of a natural biological process, so really we should just get rid of all biological life.

I am:

⚪ Male
⚪ Female
🔘 Known to the State of California to cause cancer

Explaining polyamory to my mom over text messages.

Heard while waiting at an urgent care clinic: "It's a free country, Donald Trump told me that!"

Friends and I were cracking up laughing at that.

> tfw when you accidentally refer to yourself as here instead of her

*receding into an infinite void in an attempt to hide her shame*

But when you're the only thing in a void, there is nothing to hide behind.

re: when you and your girl are both foxes 

dumb lewd joke that makes here think she's clever 

There are two foxes inside of you.
They are screaming at each other.
They are lesbians.
You are gay.

@robinsyl <3

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