@rey How many people are on music.vulpine.club anyhow?? o.o

*methodically building two radio stations on music.vulpine.club*

Me: *continuing to be a slut*
My girlfriend: *encouraging my sluttiness*

i want a girl with a short skirt and a loooong discography

@Irick I went to follow you and got surprised because I'm already following you. Hello again! x3

So I've finished editing old stream highlights of VTOL VR. There will be a video on the 21st and the 28th! :D

Next video is on the 28th! (Unless I get more done before then.)

My average upload rate over the past 5 months is every 8.33 days. Although, that's actually counting an unreleased video so whoops. Anyhow, I am going to try to release biweekly for now, so that I can at least have SOME schedule instead of complete inconsistency.

The help text is confusing and a little out of date (hint: use "account create" and "account login" instead of "login"), but you can try out what I've been working on at mud.b64.win (move, warp, and transform commands are also currently broken)

I'm working on a project that is largely copying someone else's idea, and I don't want to offend them because they're super cool, so I PMed them about it. *crosses paw-fingers*

*couldn't remember how to send a PM for a minute*

"Getting to Know You" question of the day 

Well it needed updating for quite a while, but, polycule v3 or v6 or something idk:

"Don't make me stab a bitch."
*injects self with estrogen*
"You made me do it."
*kisses her girl*

@Canageek I just saw your bio and you're officially awesome. Permission to hug?

@neauoire I forgot if I said this explicitly or just hinted at it vaguely, but the project I mentioned is roughly a re-implementation of Paradise, designed to be backed by a server and mutliplayer. I've just about finished everything except implementing programming automations into the vessels. github.com/TangentFoxy/Arcadia

You ever work on the kind of project where you look up to find it's suddenly dark outside?

A wise friend once told me "I may not know how to climb a tree but that doesn't make me a bad fish."

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