Can somebody please kidnap or otherwise make Prince Wednesday disappear? His catchphrase, among other things, is really starting to PISS ME OFF!!

The Universe is run by the complex weaving of three elements:
Babylon 5
Stargate SG1
The Outer Limits
But, I don't get home from work in time to watch Babylon 5... :possum_cursing:

Just finished watching Kinky Boots on PBS, I have to say this one is now my favorite performance I've seen of it.

Elf on a Shelf is some Big Brother is Watching bullshit. I don't understand why fucking giving up rights and privacy is is not only viewed as okay, but is indoctrinated at an early age.


Almost forgot to post this.
When your field engineering looks like hyroglypics.

I turned my flashlight off in an attempt to hear a faint noise better, because y'know all those photons muffle sound, apparently.

Crab people, crab people,
look like crab, taste like people

I'm lazy at work and terrible at mental maths. So I decided to write a program to do math for me.

Don't worry, the irony is not lost on me.

Sweet! I just stumbled onto HQ copies of the entirety of the KFC 1974-'75 "Grab a Bucket of Chicken" advert campaign.

I love the way we used to advertise, jingles used to be meticulously created original content full of pride, now everything is licensed and lazy.

Possibly Paranormal, Strong Language 

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Possibly Paranormal, Strong Language 

It is our duty to ourselves and those who come after to learn from our history, else we are committed to unwittingly repeat it, forever.

Finally got around to setting up the mail server for the domain. I wonder how many visitors I'll get from people reading/hearing that [at] domain. Probably an underwhelming amount of I'm being realistic here.

By the way, why don't you check out the work in progress!

My dream last night that was that there was a bunch of Cardassians in London and they decided to start killing people who couldn't/wouldn't drive cars fast.

Where the FUCK did that come from?

Is it just me, or did Ratchet get reeeeaaally sexy all of a sudden?

My people, the Blarg have a small problem. Our planet has become so polluted, overpopulated and poisonous that we are no longer able to dwell there. But I, Chairman Drek, have a solution. We are constructing a prestigious new homosexual Lombax using the choicest of boy components available. So, what does this mean to you, you might ask?

The gory details of that filter after only 6 months of "clean" municipal water.

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The filter on the left is a virgin 5ฮผ sediment filter, unspoiled by municipal .
The one on the right is tainted by only 6 months of city water with in an office setting. I don't understand how people survive drinking unfiltered tap let alone enjoy it.

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