Glad to know I can count on no one to talk me down off a ledge. Thanks everyone.

They are isolated, and when these hard right, alt-right groups are isolated, they start fracturing from within and eating each other.

#Gab now attacking Parler.

I love this country and whole-heartedly believe in what she stands for. What I saw today is nothing short of treason.

It's up to all of us to do our part! No one will save us but ourselves, not god, nor CEO, nor president.

WiP of a Fifi themed wallpaper designed specifically for on the . I'll probably do a couple more after featuring some of my other popular characters.

If your Senators vote against comprehensive COVID relief such as the $2,000 stimulus check, return the favor by voting them out of office!

I had a dream that Nazis were training dogs to do crazy shit like walking tightropes to go after people. When the Allied soldiers heard the dogs coming after them in the woods, the only thing they could do was climb this elaborate jungle gym thing, since the dogs had been trained they could follow them all the way up. However, once the dogs reached the soldiers at the top a critical oversight in the Nazi's plan became glaring, the Nazi's had forgotten to make the dogs into mean assholes.

There is a random person who will leave McDonald's glasses with alcohol in them, joint butts, and half finished Starbucks iced coffee bottles on the windowsills at my workplace. Today (or last night rather) they escalated...

But he became my white knight and pulled a copy of the file from this mornings back up!!!
TLDR: I fuck up my art and my husband rescued me.

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Lesson: ALWAYS make copies of your files
Close to being done with my Christmas picture. Just wanted to make a window with some light snow for the background, but then I fuck up.

I merge the window down in to my lines.
I try a past auto save, no, it's fucked too. Head hanging low, I call on @sweetthesour in hopes for a hug and some sympathy as I had to prepare to do the lines all over again.

The biggest issue with watching on is when it craps up, I get full screened odd angles that end up being scary and/or confusing half the time.

Sony pulls Cyberpunk 2077 from PS4 store.

Neofeud cost 10,000x less to make but runs better than Cyberbug 2077! Megacorporations, everytime, I tell ya! XD

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