Y'know what I want to see more of? Post-dystopia stuff. Gimme those cyberpunk cities with community-made murals being painted over the billboards, those soil-remediation and reforestation projects breathing life into what was once poisoned wasteland

@starseeker Imagine corporate brutalist arcologies, built to defend against armed invasion from their competitors and fitted with seals sufficient to sustain pressure in the event of planetary atmosphere loss.

Now imagine them reclaimed by the people and retrofitted into gargantuan indoor aeroponic and hydroponic gardens of eden that generate power from the new solar panels covering the exterior and the thermal convection of the building itself as outside air is pulled in for cooling, and exhausted back into the atmosphere through massive jungle-like atriums capped with massive low-velocity turbines - Like a solar updraft tower, but using the "waste" heat generated by all the building's processes instead of just the sun's energy.

Imagine living in a building like that. Sure, everything's clearly laid out by people and there's roomba analogs keeping the spaces meant for people clean? But nature would be everywhere. Edible plants throughout the building, natural light literally piped in from the outside with fiber optics and supplemented with LEDs behind frosted glass, entire flocks of birds and families of small animals could conceivably move in to the atrium space and find a paradise...

@starseeker You mean like the Solarpunk movement? I’d like to see more of that, too 😀🌱☀️

@starseeker Working on it. But my publisher didn't want to publish it, need to find another one...

@starseeker Thats what Buck Rogers started off as, until the network decided they needed to be on a spaceship....

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