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Sona art thread (SFW, though the last image might be pushing it a bit), lots of text, some eye contact 

Alrighty, here's gonna be a thread of the various non-lewd arts of my sona I've gotten!

-First one is the crude ref I made myself, before I had commissioned any art. Not the best, but it touches on the major details.
-The second piece is by @CherrySnakeCat on Twitter, and it's the first piece of my sona (in this iteration) I ever commissioned! They did an incredible job bringing my scribbles to life, and I'm still absolutely in love with it.
-Third one is by @Unisparx16 on Twitter, showing off a bit of sona backstory: her work as a starship mechanic. A really good piece overall!
-Fourth is by @PixylBite on Twitter (technically has a masto, doesn't use it), and is another absolutely stellar piece! This one resonates with me pretty hard, as this kind of outfit is one I really, really wish I could wear, and hope to someday.

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Introductions Post 

Hello! I go by Starseeker here, but you can call me Star! I use she/they pronouns, and I'm a PNW furry with a passion for space, engineering, 3d modelling, building & grand-strategy games, and leftism (which I *will* sometimes yell about).
🎨: @CherrySnakeCat and @PixylBite on Twitter, respectively

commission for @sharkNserg of connie’s fluffshark with a naga body. there’s so much of them!

pooltoy vore, cannabis 

Don't mind me, just hangin' out with a @Remy in my tummy

Art by @BlurTheFur

Just opened up a really old Minecraft world and damn, the nostalga hit,

nsfw furry porn!! dragon sex!!!! 

Patreon reward for Argentum48 ( )!

this is an irresponsible use of lab equipment

I drew @chr in a pencil skirt and im gay im gay im so fucking gay what the heck

WA unemployment benefits warning, please boost 


the state of washington can, and will, legally, suddenly revoke your unemployment benefits then retroactively charge you for them, leaving you not just without income, but also in SERIOUS debt

when it happened to my boyfriend i thought it was an isolated issue, but then it happened to a friend too, and it keeps happening, so please please be careful and try to have something to fall back on other than unemployment money

financial help request, boosts appreciated 

as you may or may not know, my boyfriend got fucked over by the state of washington, who granted him unemployment benefits for months and now suddenly denied them all RETROACTIVELY, putting him in 10k of debt while unemployed in the worst job crisis of modern history

so right now he has no income but needs to pay rent, food AND a big bill from the state every single month

please PLEASE help and boost if you can!! and my sincere deepest thanks if you do..

his ko-fi for rent and food:

his gofundme for the bullshit state debt:

I think so often about Indigenous Hawai'ians would make these gorgeous feather cloaks by catching birds non-lethally and removing so few feathers that it didn't hurt the birds or keep them from flying. They took a few feathers from a black bird, a few from the red, a few from the yellow, and made something beautiful without harming anything

cool PSA!! if you're having trouble with content warnings outside of flashing lights and such, think.... when you got the DiRT:

Disturbing: is the content disturbing, upsetting, or otherwise disquieting to the viewer?

Raunchy - is the content sexual or suggestive, or does it depict sexual body parts?

Touchy - is the content about a controversial or personal subject, such as politics or mental health?

...think twice! tag once! and always listen to your folks when they think a CW is needed

eye contact 

front facing kobold Zest isn't real she can't hurt you

front facing kobold Zest:

yall. i commissioned @fluxom_art again and she fucking knocked it out of the park

its kai doing some self maintenance :dragnhearteyes:

Commission for @chr !!!

Sometimes I wish I could detach my lower half and do direct maintenance on it too tbh

#furry #scifi #robot #mastoart #queerartist #transartist

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