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Sona art thread (SFW, though the last image might be pushing it a bit), lots of text, some eye contact 

Alrighty, here's gonna be a thread of the various non-lewd arts of my sona I've gotten!

-First one is the crude ref I made myself, before I had commissioned any art. Not the best, but it touches on the major details.
-The second piece is by @CherrySnakeCat on Twitter, and it's the first piece of my sona (in this iteration) I ever commissioned! They did an incredible job bringing my scribbles to life, and I'm still absolutely in love with it.
-Third one is by @Unisparx16 on Twitter, showing off a bit of sona backstory: her work as a starship mechanic. A really good piece overall!
-Fourth is by @PixylBite on Twitter (technically has a masto, doesn't use it), and is another absolutely stellar piece! This one resonates with me pretty hard, as this kind of outfit is one I really, really wish I could wear, and hope to someday.

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Introductions Post 

Hello! I go by Starseeker here, but you can call me Star! I use she/they pronouns, and I'm a PNW furry with a passion for space, engineering, 3d modelling, building & grand-strategy games, and leftism (which I *will* sometimes yell about).
🎨: @CherrySnakeCat and @PixylBite on Twitter, respectively

gaming (Dyson Sphere Program) 

Well, that certainly was a quick two hours I spent so far in this new game
It's basically like Factorio and Satisfactory combined, but on an interplanetary (and planned to be interstellar) scale
There's some roughness in some of the text - it's made by an indie studio in China - but it hasn't really gotten in the way of anything yet, and the visuals & sound design are both excellent

Important announcement (not actually important, but funny as hell) 

So, breaking info:
There is, in fact, someone named Dr. Siddon: a medical doctor in Alexandria, Virginia, USA

VR equipment question 

What's the cheapest non-Oculus VR headset? Doesn't need to be standalone, just needs to be not Oculus (since the Oculus Link thing doesn't work with my computer's specific graphics card 🙃)

Bad photo of sci-fi engineering sketch 

I mean, if anyone wants an explanation *now*, I can give one
Just, no guarantees on it being short at all

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Bad photo of sci-fi engineering sketch 

Actually managed to get something on paper tonight!
Better photo and explanation coming tomorrow

I couldn’t take a picture or anything, but on the manufacturing line I can across a jar that was manufactured 1/21/21 21:21:21 and that lit up the pleasure center of my brain a bit.

PC build help/advice needed? 

I'm finally gonna bite the bullet and get myself a new PC for art and some lightish gaming so uhhhhh what's good these days??

I got a budget of around 1000€, already have a new SDD. I'll be working with some kinda hefty files in Clip Studio Paint and rendering video files.... I'm not looking for maximum gaming performance or hi-fi audio.

The African Renaissance Monument in Senegal is the tallest statue in Africa and tallest statue in the world outside Eurasia.

Art feels (-), advice request 

Anyone know any that'd work with pencil-and-paper stuff? (I've already bounced off of draw-a-box)

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Art feels (-) 

Wish there was like, some practice program or something that I could actually use
Everything I've found is either a) in video form (which I just can't deal with) or b) starts with "let's practice drawing straight lines! :D" (which makes me lose motivation almost instantly)

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Art feels (-) 

I can do side-view, engineering-drawing stuff perfectly fine, and isometric views of rectilinear objects decently, but anything else I'm complete garbage at

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Art feels (-) 

me: wants to sketch out some ideas I have
Also me: draws a few shitty "circles" and lines, realizes I'm useless at perspective, gives up

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Art feels (-) 

big "I wanna get better at drawing but have no idea how" mood

gushing about kobolds, long post 

aside from them just being cool critters, i love kobolds because i relate to and sympathize with how they're treated in their original context

they're fragile creatures seen as weak and lesser, regularly mistreated when they aren't murdered without a second thought. looked down on for worshipping dragons and being thieves and rascals

there's something powerful and queer about subverting that bleak narrative, and treating kobolds as precious and valuable and lovable creatures that learned to be crafty to take care of each other, and happily serve dragons in exchange for care and protection

oh we Monty Hall posting?


Monty Hall effect thruster

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