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Sona art thread (SFW, though the last image might be pushing it a bit), lots of text, some eye contact 

Alrighty, here's gonna be a thread of the various non-lewd arts of my sona I've gotten!

-First one is the crude ref I made myself, before I had commissioned any art. Not the best, but it touches on the major details.
-The second piece is by @CherrySnakeCat on Twitter, and it's the first piece of my sona (in this iteration) I ever commissioned! They did an incredible job bringing my scribbles to life, and I'm still absolutely in love with it.
-Third one is by @Unisparx16 on Twitter, showing off a bit of sona backstory: her work as a starship mechanic. A really good piece overall!
-Fourth is by @PixylBite on Twitter (technically has a masto, doesn't use it), and is another absolutely stellar piece! This one resonates with me pretty hard, as this kind of outfit is one I really, really wish I could wear, and hope to someday.

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Introductions Post 

Hello! I go by Starseeker here, but you can call me Star! I use she/they pronouns, and I'm a PNW furry with a passion for space, engineering, 3d modelling, building & grand-strategy games, and leftism (which I *will* sometimes yell about).
🎨: @CherrySnakeCat and @PixylBite on Twitter, respectively

tfw there's a Minecraft mod you really like a lot about but the official community discord thing is Not Great

uni complaining 

absolutely hating this dynamics course
it's not the material so much as the course format, it's taught *terribly*
Like, even compared to the other online courses I'm taking alongside it, it's *abysmal*

halloween themed adopt sale! sfw nudity 

selling this witch kitty adopt for 70 US dollars flat! paypal only uwu

boosts n faves appreciatedddd

this connie is so shaped... one of the raptors ever for sure


uni stuff 

working through homework for my Strength of Materials course and honestly, the part I'm on right now (strain) isn't that hard
mostly just geometry and basic trig

thinking about this sketch from a bit ago i look so creature :koboldbeam:

it's good to give your dragon lots of care, a tended to dragon is a loved dragon :KoboldUwU: ( @chr )

Deltarune, no spoilers 

So, finished my first playthrough of Deltarune Chapters 1 & 2
It's definitely the most game ever

absolute fucking nonsense 

joker (joker (jean (joker (jean choker) chean (choker jean)) choker (chean (choker jean) joker (jean choker))) choker (chean (choker (chean joker) jean (joker chean)) joker (jean (joker chean) choker (chean joker))))

NSFW! Sketch of Joel with their Dick out 

Celebrating by drawing dicks

Well, played through Deltarune Chapter 1
Absolutely incredible

deltarune chapter 1, frustration 

Actually, went ahead and used some tips people gave me (mainly using C to skip dialogue) and got to the first save point (which I had been like a *second* away from reaching)

Now I'm gonna head to bed, hopefully I feel less residual frustration in the morning

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deltarune chapter 1, frustration 

That's a solid 10-15 minutes of basically cutscenes, all needing to be repeated.

Real great end to my night :/

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