gender & media, nb characters 

dear assorted writers of the world: if you wanna have a character use they/them or neos or something, just have folks use those pronouns from them from the get-go. At most, maybe an initial miss-assumed pronoun and a correction.

Definitely not one set of pronouns only to be like "oh they/them actually" (unless it's a reflection of the character realizing things about themselves over the course of the story). 'Cause, that's a great way to make audiences cache one gender and then implicitly think the character is always "basically a girl" or whatever.

looking at you, ST:Discovery.

gender & media, nb characters 

@starkatt I have such mixed feelings about how they handled Adira's gender yeah. I did appreciate that Adira was clearly very uncomfortable being referred to as she/her and when they finally did figure it out they said "they/them actually" and the rest of the season everyone stuck to it, but it'd have been nice if they could have been they/them all along.

re: gender & media, nb characters 

@fluffy Yeah, exactly.

re: gender & media, nb characters 

@starkatt I did sort of justify it to myself on the basis that this was to get the generally-cis audience on board with things and at least they finally had some gender variance that just IS, and wasn't part of some attempt at weird role-reversal moralizing like they did a few times in TNG.

gender & media, nb characters 

@starkatt On the other side of that coin, with queer media you can end up in a place where diverse genders are included properly, but too *little* attention is paid to them, such that
- the characters are unrealistically familiar with everyone's pronouns, which prevents non-queer people from learning how to approach the topic appropriately
- their pronouns get so little use that people constantly forget how to refer to the characters, or worse, *never notice they use NB pronouns in the first place*
- in line with the above, in games specifically, their pronouns are not available for the player to reference, in a game like an RPG where you can look at their stats and such

Like, I'm not complaining about more representation of course, but this is something folks are going to have to consider more as queer media evolves

(this line of thought comes from my partner's comments on Ikenfell, which, while a great game with awesome queer rep, was the exact template for my list above)

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