safety culture and listening to workers, medicine 

So there's this surgeon named Atul Gawande who has written a few excellent books about fallability and the practice of medicine.

In Better, he tells a story about a hospital that was really struggling with inadequate frequency of handwashing by staff. Management kept advocating and pushing for more frequent handwashing but it didn't really help.

Then they decided to ask staff for reasons why they didn't wash hands before each patient encounter, and asked them for suggestions on how to improve it. Turns out the sanitizer dispensers were in awkward-ass locations, and putting them nearer to where they were actually needed improved rates dramatically.

safety culture and listening to workers, medicine 

@starkatt Yeah, when I improved the safety of two demonstrations at my school, I made it so that the safer version was also wayyy easier to use so the safe way of doing things was also the EASY LAZY way of doing things.

Like the pickle demo before hand it was a bunch of small parts, with separate light bulb, cables, stabby things. Now it is one solid box you just toss onto the cart.


tangent: chem demos 

@Canageek sodium pickle lamp?

tangent: chem demos 

@starkatt Yep!

Wait, no. That isn't the one I improved. That had already been fixed. The electronics shop uses that as their example of how they can help you with safety.

It was the salt/sugar water conductivity one I improved. That was just a lightbulb with two giant copper paddles stuck to the bottom that plugged right into the wall. So if you forget to unplug it, your hand is right near water and wall current. And if you are on the sugar demo the bulb won't be lit, so you can't tell at a glance if it is on or off.

So they built a box with a built in safety cutoff when it is open, so instead of two beakers, light bulb, wires, etc, it is now just BOX. Done.

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