[poll] Time?

(vintage philosophytube has a decent video where she introduces the concepts of A-Series and B-Series time pretty clearly, if you're unfamiliar.)


Super reductive:

A-series time is the belief that there is a definitive and singular "now" that exists, and steadily advances into the future.

and B-series is the idea that the past, present, and future are equally real, there is no privileged "now", and our perception of time flowing forward is illusory.

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@starkatt Giving that even a quick read-over, I've got my own reasons to lean in the same direction (or at least be open to the idea).

@starkatt I don't know if I'd agree with this reduction.

I would reduce it as:

A series operates such that that a moment is defined by past, present, or future, while B series operates such that a moment is defined by whether or it is earlier or later than another.

That is, whether moments are measured relative to time, as a dimension, or to themselves, as points within a temporal dimension.

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