bunker time: y1, d291, guns 

Got to do a little science today - tested out some armor-piercing ammunition and found it didn't do a thing to 1/4" AR500 plate. Possibly was due to how the target was hung up? Fun either way.

bunker time: y1, d296, uspol, trumpageddon 

well, we sure are livetooting a doomed coup attempt in the year of our luigi BLaRTS 1, day 296

bunker time: y1, d301, timekeeping 

As of yesterday, it is BLaRTS Day 300.

Genuinely wasn't expecting it to take this long, at the start.

bunker time: y1, d304, drugs 

I... probably shouldn't be on daily modafinil, but it's about the only way I can manage to get work done consistently.

bunker time: y1, d304, idle thoughts 

"What is true is already so.
Owning up to it doesn't make it any worse.
Not being open about it doesn't make it go away.
And because it is true, it is what is there to be interacted with.
Anything untrue isn't there to be lived.
People can stand what is true, for they are already enduring it."

I think about that a lot. One of the little charred scrolls I took with me after a couple of wise men made a series of very long and very foolish mistakes, and failed to update well enough to notice in time.

bunker time: y1, d305, mh (-~), uspol, math 

Can't figure out whether I'm stressed to shit this morning because I'm already behind on thesis editing, because I forgot to take my meds last night, or because tomorrow there's going to be another attempted coup by right wing horrors.

bunker time: y1, d305, mh (+), math, foxposting 

Snapping my jaws, licking my chops, padding around, feeling like myself again.

I forgot how nice it was to hyperfocus on math I'm good at.

bunker time: y1, d305, math, foxposting 

...I sure did hyperfocus so hard I abruptly ran out of reserves right after stopping and then crashed into unconsciousness for 2 or 3 hours. Oops.

At least I got my thesis draft done!

bunker time: y1, d305 

anyway I've used up all of my brain juice for the day and then some

wait, I slept through meds o'clock

one sec

bunker time: y1, d306, econ, food, meat mention 

I think about the concept of the Big Mac Index a lot.

bunker time: y1, d306, math, foxposting 

one of these days, I am going to have to try to explain my thesis to you critters

bring you around my hunting grounds for a few moments

bunker time: y1, d306, calendars 

I finally thought to look it up and my traditional calendar birthday is 3/27, which is just deeply satisfying

bunker time: y1, d306, calendars 

wait, it's even better - it's *intercalary month* 3, day 27

bunker time: y1, d306, calendars 

I was born in a leap month with a date that has a nice simple relationship!

I never realized that; that's deeply satisfying.

bunker time: y1, d307, idle thoughts 

Is there anything much more :mtgu: :mtgg: than "the prey I pursue is the concept of perfection"?

bunker time: y1, d310, uspol 

Delightful - it's looking like we really *have* bought ourselves a couple of years' reprieve.

bunker time: y1, d310, uspol 

Here we are, bloodied, but unbowed.

As is customary, I will give it a full three days before I start talking about how almost nothing has changed and we're all fucked in multiple ways on multiple timescales once more.

bunker time: y1, d310, uspol 

At last, Donald Trump is no longer the President of the United States of America.

We've bought ourselves a couple of years' reprieve. The work of the left, from Berniecrats to ancoms, to drag a better world into existence, has only just now started.

bunker time: y1, d313, fraktela, guns 

Yes, I call it Cleckner on long-range shooting. It's a textbook like any other, isn't it?

bunker time: y1, d314, drugs 


spent all week working hard on thesis

going to have some nice foxnip

bunker time: y1, d314, gross, mh (~) 

...should also probably shower, because I feel horribly greasy and beard growth implies that I haven't in at least a couple days.

bunker time: y1, d314, guns 

Oh, so that *was* gunshots earlier. Seems that no one was injured, though.

bunker time: y1, d314, alc 

The next time I come out to visit Seattle, I will have to bring you one of the great delicacies of my homeland: Malort

bunker time: y1, d316, food(?) 

Finally - FINALLY - managed to get facilities staff around to replace my nonworking fridge.

And moving all my food into either the trash or the new fridge has taken up all my spoons for today; if ever there was a day I deserved a break out of schedule, it's today.

bunker time: y1, d317 

Finally watched Tenet.

Friends - it may be partially NatSec propaganda like basically every single big-budget film for the last two decades

and has an obligatory shred of romance

but apart from that it is REAL FUCKIN GOOD

bunker time: y1, d316 

Oops, last one is supposed to be 316

bunker time: y1, d316, mh (-) 

I think I'm doing that thing again where I accidentally isolate myself out of a subconscious conviction that all my friends and acquaintances would rather not hear from me

bunker time: y1, d319 

The sprouted garlic I planted is starting to grow.

bunker time: y1, d320, plague-adj 

I sure am almost certainly going to be celebrating a second birthday in lockdown.

bunker time: y1, d320, timekeeping 

Eight quarantines.

bunker time: y1, d321, mh (+) 

Woke up early feeling alright and went out and bought groceries. I think I might be in good mental state again? No idea why, though.

bunker time: y1, d321, mh (+) 

Maybe it's just the start of spring.

bunker time: y1, d324, plague 

fucking bizarre how "in the plague years" is going to be something I unironically say if I ever talk about this time in history

bunker time: y1, d325, math, drg 

Well, I sure did just talk with my advisor about the Flare Coverage Problem, which appears to be an open one with real mathematical value!


re: bunker time: y1, d325, math, drg 

@lorxus !!!

re: bunker time: y1, d325, math, drg 

@starkatt @lorxus *blinks and earperks attentively* Wait really?

re: bunker time: y1, d325, math, drg 

@Kyresti @starkatt I mean tbf "has mathematical value" is basically just "have I mulled this over and decided that it was indeed math-able" and "no one has looked into this before"

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