Hey, if I may plug a website briefly, pirateship.com/ is really good for shipping stuff from home (via USPS).

Lowest commercial rates (cheaper than post office walk-in or USPS website), good UI, minimal required setup.

Also, best URL.


Also I love USPS Priority Flatrate. It's a little bit more expensive than first class package, but it's tracked and you can print postage at home without a scale.

And, critically, the (high quality) envelope/box is included as part of the price so you don't need to figure out your own packaging. You can pick up however many flatrate boxes you want at a post office and just wander off with them to use later.

@starkatt That sound really nice. When I sold off my RPG collection I was constantly using a postal scale and tape measure to estimate costs then trekking down to the post office to mail things.

Made a months rent doing it at least.

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