For #FurryBookMonth may I tempt you with some...furry books? :D

Rum & Coke - 3 stories from a furry con!
Restless Town - 10 stories from Sawtooth, ID!
Eigengrau - poetry!
ally - a fictive memoir!
Qoheleth - metafurry scifi!

All 10% off with code fbm2020

I know cash is tight because everything is terrible, so if you don't have any to spare, that's fine! The following are available to read free in the browser:

Restless Town -

ally -

Qoheleth -

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@makyo oh hey I just bought qoheleth but I think imma read in browser 'cause this looks real nice.

@makyo also the reading experience with these out-of-focus next page previews is exceptionally nice.

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