Fediverse question for anyone not on m.s:

Do you feel like at least one of you instance moderators knows who you are, individually?


Feel free to also reply with what instance you're on.

With well over 500 votes, only 27% of respondents feel less than known by their moderators.

That's neat!

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@starkatt my boyfriend the admin of snouts dot online better know who i am


i'm the admin here but i feel like i know at least most of the regulars

i don't actually keep the local tl open most of the time but when i check, i rarely see unfamiliar faces

@starkatt to be honestly i mostly see me. but among the others i tend to know them

@monorail @starkatt most people tend to be aware of their own existence rather frequently

@monorail @starkatt I'm one of the regulars Holly mentioned, and knowing her is the main reason I ended up here.

@starkatt I am the admin of my instance. I know a few members IRL, but none of the very active ones. A few I chat with outside of masto. Most who are active I interact with to some extent

@david @starkatt As one of the persons from your instance whose existence you've noticed, I have no idea how to vote on the poll in this case.

Actually I intentionally didn't pick one of the instances where the admin is a friend of a friend or something, because I'm this awkward kind of shy :D

@trisschen @starkatt I can attempt to ignore you if you want, but I'm bad at that :bowie_laugh:

@david @starkatt Nah, it's fine. I actually like that. So don't ignore me 😀

It's just that I think being close irl friends and using such a service is a combination that might potentially lead to problems.
Also one of the instances where I've met or might meet the admin irl requires an invitation (and I'm *way* too shy to ask anyone, even though I'm mostly reading the posts over there), another is *very* tiny, and they all don't have such a nice queer domain name 🙂

@trisschen @starkatt there are a couple of people that I know IRL around here and I only recently stopped feeling embarrassed acting differently here, despite not using a pseudonym at all :bowie_laugh:

@david @starkatt Oh, for me I mostly like people who I know irl to follow me, but most aren’t on the fediverse afaik. Like, especially my follower-only toots might occasionally require someone to know me irl to be fully understandable. Still would be too shy to tell the people who know me who are on here though 😅

@starkatt I marked "friends with a mod" but i'm not sure where on the acquaintance <-> friend scale we fall really

@starkatt It occurs to me that i'm also somewhere on the acquaintance-to-friend scale with several admins of other instances, too.

@starkatt friends on monsterpit / cyber, "knows who I am" on old m.s

(I was on m.s before the first paid mod (noelle) so may be an outlier there)

@starkatt here - I think we've interacted enough with our admin on here and elsewhere that she'd recognize us as familiar, but I feel like we're probably in a friends-of-friends zone as far as acquaintance.

- 🔥 💭

@starkatt I’m on and I’m one of the admins :).

@starkatt i run and all the users on here are friends or friends of friends

@starkatt we don't interact too much, but at minimum just statistically i'm sure my instance admin's had to deal with more reports on me than anyone else on >_>

@starkatt Where do I click if I'm solidly between 1 and 2?

Like, we're not FRIENDS, but both our mods DEFINITELY know who I am and we've had good interactions and I would feel totally willing to, e.g., ask them out of the blue to pass me a bagel, or something, if we were together IRL.

@gaditb not sure what to tell you tbh. Categories are hard.

@starkatt im the admin at and we are small enough that i know all of my users

@starkatt awww, there's no "I have dated all of the admins on my instance at one point" option

@starkatt I just spun up my own instance a couple days ago so answered accordingly, but before that I definitely knew at least one mod on my previous instance

@starkatt, and i definitely get along very well with the mods ^^

@starkatt I mean, and i would hope so seeing as i am dating one 83

@starkatt my instance admin is my best friend for almost 20 years and I feel very lucky!

@starkatt my instance,, was originally meant to be a "within the friend group" instance, but has turned out to basically be a single-user instance, lol

@starkatt o my gentle librepunk :')
sometimes we get new users since registration is open but we always seem to become friends after a week or so

@starkatt I've had a few interactions with one mod, I know, but I'm not sure who else even is a mod on 😅

@starkatt remaining on an instance with an adversarial chain of command would be really f'ed up tbh

@starkatt I feel like you're missing a level between the top two which is how I'd answer: I'm friendly with a mod. I don't know that we know each other well enough to classify it as friends, but they definitely know who am as an individual.

Maybe this is me being very choosy about the word "friend", though. I tend to have many people I'm friendly with and very few that I count as friends. IDK how or if you wanna classify that in your data.

@benhamill You're the second person to give this feedback, but idk how useful it would have been to subdivide further?

@starkatt 🤷🏻‍♂️ Which category do you think I should vote in. As the collector of this data.

@benhamill @starkatt

Yeah, I went with No. 3 for similar reasons. I like my .art mods and we do talk from time to time. But it's a big space. I suspect I'm not on their minds much unless I'm right there asking a question or something. Which is probably how it should be. It means I'm not hogging all the attention for myself. :D

@starkatt my mods know who i am because i probably cause the most trouble lmao we're friendly tho! somewhere between the top two options. i like my mods, theyre lovely. i'm at

@starkatt Weirder Earth weighing in with HUGE gratitude and enthusiastic love for our incredible mods. They are on it and are super communicators and I think they know who everyone in the instance is, not just me.

@starkatt i wouldn't say we're close but i'm on friendly terms with all the mods at [] ​:verified:

@starkatt our admin @tek is super nice, friendly, and very responsive to any bad actors or actions. I like being on a fairly small instance for those reasons.

@starkatt This makes me curious about wider dynamics in general - Especially like... a good half of us on Vulpine know and are friends with eachother in embodied space, and I wonder whether we're an anomaly here

@starkatt like half of my follows are admins of instances

because we're all goddamn nerds

@starkatt It would have been kind-interesting (but waaaay to intrusive, I guess) to have an option for being in a relationship with a mod.

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