Hey you know what we should make a thing for 2020? Giving each other heartfelt blessings.

"Dream of wonders" has been a pretty common bedtime one in my circles.

A fox I know will sometimes wish me hunter's luck in my pursuits.

I just told a partner "walk in lightness and song."

Feels real good to be on either end of that kind of thing.

@starkatt "Don't break yer ass" is a bit crude, but fairly effective as far as goodwill goes. :blobyeengrin:

@starkatt "Good lift, Safe landing" is my favorite for general travel, and works for avians, too.

@starkatt For the last couple of weeks I've been going with "be well".

@starkatt This connects in my mind to the sincerity thing more broadly, I think. It feels nice to wish someone well in a way that has a lot of meaning for you and them, and that makes it the kind of thing that people get self-consciously ironic about ... and those are the things it's probably best to be sincere about, when we can.

- 🐍 πŸ’­

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