I made a video essay about how Outer Wilds uses gameplay to convey its theme!

The World is Always Ending: Outer Wilds (video essay, spoilers) [15:05]

I'm really proud of this, y'all.

I'm really happy with like 85% of the creative choices I made in this and unhappy with 15% (that I couldn't go back and change) and I think that's pretty dang good for a first venture in a new medium.

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Oh heck the video essay has climbed to over 100 views :)

Sounds like nothing on the scale of youtube but for a completely unestablished channel that's actually really great to see.

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Really glad I went into this with modest expectations because the idea of thinking like I had to Build My Channel sounds exhausting.

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@HTHR You might be interested in this since it seemed like Outer Wilds also impacted you a lot :)

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Hey if you liked my video you should also check this out by youtube channel Weather Dependent.

It has like 200 views and is better written and produced than essays by channels with 100k+ subs.

"OUTER WILDS | Of Tall Ships and Star Ships" [22:54]

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@starkatt I watched the intro and got excited to watch the rest, but now I've gotta stop and play the game first. :D

@mawr y'know what that's one of the most positive outcomes I can hope for.

@starkatt also I can't watch all of it because now I wanna play it

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