Y'all I finished a glow stole.

And um. It's pretty dang good. I was not expecting it to be this bright.


This is with the room lights actually pretty far up.

I think the glow cause some neat upwards face illumination when it's properly dark, which was a goal of mine.

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Problem is I'm supposed to make five more of these before August and I think they'll take 6-8 hours of work each.

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might be a bit faster since I can do the steps in batches now that I know the process works.

I'm actually impressed at how smooth the build went. There wasn't any real issues with the assembly!

Pretty much the only thing that didn't go to plan was needing to halve the charge rate and put a micro heatsink on the IC.

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I was really worried that attaching the side glow fiber to the stole with loops of monofilament would look like ass in one way or another. Biggest worry was that it wouldn't run straight.

But it totally worked!

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Spooky night shot.

Not gonna lie, this turned out looking exactly like it did in my head. Nice.
[dim selfie]

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So @keisisqrl took a photo of me with her better phone camera and oh my gosh.

I love this so much. I feel like it expresses something really deep in me. And, isn't that the point of this whole exercise in the first place?

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A ton of money and hours and hours and hours of work and this is the payoff that makes it feel worth it.

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This is more than incredible. Its a -manifestation- of art. I'm so proud of your work!! ❀

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