If anyone knows of a way to get fantasy colored contacts that are actually corrective, hit me up.

I wanna fox.


I don't actually expect that slitted crepuscular contacts exist, but orange eyes would be nice.

@starkatt seems to have corrective ones, not sure if reputable. Sorry digging through history from recent searches

@starkatt also seems to offer correction, I maybe trying some of their's but as I'm looking for blinding lenses...

@IrisKalmia doesn't look as high quality but is also like a third the price at last so, good to have as an option!

@starkatt I'll keep my eyes open for more! If you're not used to contacts do NOT attempt the 22mm ones.

I'm fairly used to contacts and getting them in and out takes steeling myself and an extreme effort to not blink

@starkatt multiple brands exist, although they have a limited power range compared to clear lenses.

(the link is for the UK/Europe but I see a few USA manufacturers listed there and they do sell to USA)

beware that oxygen transmission is lower on most coloured lenses and thus the max wearing time is lower than clear ones (this may be also why optometrists are wary about prescribing them, you might want to check with your own before ordering any)

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