I'm just, allowed to be a fox??

And that's really cool???

@starkatt everything is real including me: a gay animal.

Self authorship is amazing and all but I'm a fox! I didn't choose this in the way that some mainstream society thinks trans folk just choose to "change". And I'd feel the same sense of closetedness if I was shamed away for being a fox.

That said, I reserve the right to be other identities and other animals, each of which is as true as the last!

The concept of "human" is just another fursona.

(Okay there's a lot of complexity to it and it can be viewed as dismissive of furry as a break from social norms but I'd prefer that "human" be just another identity as viable as any other.)

@Aradia agreement! Accepting one identity also doesn't have to be at the exclusion of all others.

Being a dragon doesn't deny being a human. There's room for it all.

@Aradia @Jacel @starkatt

That's basically the same sort of reasons I like using terms like orthocosm and paracosm, and avoiding ones like "real world" or "real life". All worlds are real, all identities are valid, no one should stand as default. :-)

@starkatt I don't *think* you have to register with the Central Otherkin Bureau. If there is such a thing definitely fox them anyway!

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