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I'm a fox. I don't know entirely what it means, but it's real.

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What is postfurry? At the very core, it's a way of approaching what identity means.

Furry has been all about answering the question "what if people can also be animals?"

Postfurry says "okay, we can go even further than that. What if we claim authorial control over every aspect of identity? We're animal-people sure, but that's only a starting point. If the poststructuralists are right and all meaning is negotiable, let's go exploring and write some meanings of our own."

(re-post for new acct)

I need to start posting my comic online somewhere.

Any good places for someone who can’t afford their own domain?

🎡 I'm a vulpine, baby
So why don't you yiff me 🎡

Still thinking about @masklayer 's post from months ago:

"what the fuck is a Furry, and why is it me."

Overheard: "I'm trying to come up with a test that doesn't involve me holding a bottle of lube over an active tesla coil."

opens fox muzzle, emits spread-spectrum frequency-hopping coded signals

I think a lot about how vaporous the narrative of tabletop games are. They sort of... float above the table, shared, but evaporate as soon as the players stop living in that space.

So a thing I think about is how fluid the concept of "what happened" in a tabletop RPG can be.

Retcon is often embraced. And not just for narrative reasons, but also "hey we can't quite remember what went down but we think it was x, so we're calling x true now".

I think a lot about how in a late-game episode of TAZ Balance, the creators recorded an episode.... then a day later realized they felt really gross about the key decision, went back, and re-recorded the ending. And decided to let the original version never see the light of day.

it's an interesting pun we have in the english language, that 'play' can both mean unstructured exploration of the world and ideas around us, and yet also mean a highly structured and choreographed expression of those ideas

Shout-out to the butch woman working at Biscuit Bitch with purple hair, a unicursal hexagram necklace, meat cleaver earrings, Gritty t-shirt, and a Ruth Bader Ginsberg button that says "Supreme".

....... Someone needs to tell Jon Bois about the Marblelympics

tired: no kayfabe
wired: wrestling kayfabe
inspired: Marblelympics kayfabe

I have taught my son that opening up the inspector on any webpage and adding "contenteditable" to the body tag allows him to freely type the word "butts" anywhere on that webpage and I have a strong suspicion that this knowledge will shortly spread to his entire school

You ever sometimes just do the phone compass calibration gesture as an idle animation?

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The entire soundtrack to Subnautica slaps, but the biggest banger is one I never actually heard in-game -- it's reserved for when your submarine is taking on water, extremely on fire, and about to explode.

wanna dance to this.

'Subnautica Soundtrack - Abandon ship [Extended mix]" [3:23]

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