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I'm a fox. I don't know entirely what it means, but it's real.

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What is postfurry? At the very core, it's a way of approaching what identity means.

Furry has been all about answering the question "what if people can also be animals?"

Postfurry says "okay, we can go even further than that. What if we claim authorial control over every aspect of identity? We're animal-people sure, but that's only a starting point. If the poststructuralists are right and all meaning is negotiable, let's go exploring and write some meanings of our own."

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re: covid deaths and underreporting 

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covid deaths and underreporting 

If you build a device with blinky LEDs and lots of them

Can you dial back the intensity for the rest of us poor souls with an astigmatism?

I really don't like the starburst pattern all over the place from these super bright LEDs

Thinking of that: you only need half the brightness you think you need.

If it hurts your eyes in a dim room you're doing it wrong

today (April 7) we celebrate three years of the

we've pissed off everyone from Adam Curry (remember that knucklehead?) to Gargron, we're viewed in some circles as an example of authoritarian moderation gone wrong, and we're fully funded by donations from our members

i'd say it's been a good three years

These people have far too many teeth.


(I should add: all I post is my own work, unless otherwise noted)

Getting rockets to light reliably can actually be a pretty tricky problem.

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Fun Rocketry Fact: Soyuz engines are lit with small pyrotechnic devices on the end of really big wooden sticks. Essentially, giant matches.

I say this as someone who has seen the impact this had: queer groups have to take care of their most marginalized community members. Even if they're into stuff you don't get, or have aesthetics that don't meet your individual approval. One broken link snaps the whole chain.

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queerbashing was not an incidental goal; it was the primary one. at the time, trolls correctly assessed that the seeming 'silliness' of furries would allow them to get away with much worse harassment without risking backlash from less esoteric queer communities.

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the trolling groups I was involved with before switching sides openly discussed this during raid planning. there is a reason so much of it used specifically anti-queer slurs, and a reason most of it disproportionately targeted visibly, earnestly sexual individuals.

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psst: as someone who came out of the Something Awful/4Chan trolling pogroms against furries and fought for both sides, you should have absolutely no doubt whatsoever that early internet anti-furry stigma was really just anti-queer stigma with a more socially-acceptable angle

covid, healthcare, testing (-) 

Nuclear weapons testing (historic) 

a Bay Area tech company has decided it can act as a Credit Reporting Agency without following the Fair Credit Reporting Act (namely by specifically avoiding having consumers even know that theyre on a database in the first place), or: bay area techbros decide laws are for nerds vol.9483

covid, media 

covid, media 

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covid, media 

spoilers for The Prestige, a movie which is almost 14 years old 

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