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Ever wanted to make your own silicone sex toys?

Good news: I've finished writing up a huge guide on how to do that!

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What is postfurry? At the very core, it's a way of approaching what identity means.

Furry has been all about answering the question "what if people can also be animals?"

Postfurry says "okay, we can go even further than that. What if we claim authorial control over every aspect of identity? We're animal-people sure, but that's only a starting point. If the poststructuralists are right and all meaning is negotiable, let's go exploring and write some meanings of our own."

(re-post for new acct)

Oh my gosh I just now caught the world premier of this new song by Big Thief on KEXP, and once again they've reflected an experience of the transcendent that I've never known how to express.

Simulation Swarm

You wanna watch steel railway rails bend like noodle?

(Longass video but you only need the first 30 seconds.)

Sure the generated speech isn't perfect, but that level of quality being done for a shitpost rather than as a tech demo makes deepfake production feel a lot more immediate to me.

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Okay there's something really cool I've just learned. If you are continuously recording air pressure e.g. as part of your home automation setup or a weather station then you should really check the data of the last 24h.
You should be able to spot the pressure wave from the volcanic explosion in Tonga earlier today.

It reached my setup in Kaiserslautern at about 20:30.

just watched a random TNG clip recommended by youtbue and y'know what, shout-out to Brent Spiner's performance. that's some good shit.

huh, today i learned that bags of concrete have a shelf life of less than a year.

non-vegan food mention re: the trans flag 

@starkatt we remember @mxsparks referring to it as the "the ol' sky and bacon" and now we will probably never forget

we definitely still forget the order for the nonbinary and the ace flags, though

- 🎒 💭

raise a paw if you can never trust that you remember correctly whether the blue or pink come first on the trans flag

"Put your right hand in the medical system."
"What's in the medical system?"

Ben Gibbard seems like the kind of guy that had the events of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind happen to him but he didn't find out about it

I read an interesting article today about why movies and TV are so dark and indistinct and otherwise hard to see.

And it reminded me of one I'd read a few weeks ago about how hard it is to hear dialogue now, and other issues with sound.

It sounds like both problems are complicated, due to both technical and cultural reasons.

It's weird to realize we live in an age where western audio-visual media is so hostile to both our vision and hearing.

Have I ever mentioned that in downtown Seattle we have a building popularly referred to as "Bezos' Balls"?

re: uspol/Democrats 

I recall fuckin' The Simpsons making a joke about party uselessness in what, must've been early 2000s at the latest.

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So like.
Legit question.

Democratic leadership has to know that folks think their party is spineless and ineffectual, right?

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