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I'm a fox. I don't know entirely what it means, but it's real.

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What is postfurry? At the very core, it's a way of approaching what identity means.

Furry has been all about answering the question "what if people can also be animals?"

Postfurry says "okay, we can go even further than that. What if we claim authorial control over every aspect of identity? We're animal-people sure, but that's only a starting point. If the poststructuralists are right and all meaning is negotiable, let's go exploring and write some meanings of our own."

(re-post for new acct)

kinda want to full-on reclaim the whole "attack helicoper" as a means of ridicule thing now, tbh.

oh no, i don't have an extremely well-preserved corpus of letters detailing my courtship and deep, abiding love of my girlfriend, how will historians marvel at our relationship


someone save my mastodon account for posterity, but only the cute gay bits

video game violence in VR, except actually a really good deep dive 

Y'know how there's usually a constant, subtle noise of people talking with each other during rock shows? Shouting at each other to be heard in a way that might be a roar, were it not overwhelmed by the sound system?

When Dessa came on stage last night there was the expected eruption of cheering. She interrupted us though, quieting the audience with a gesture, and started the first song. The amplification wasn't turned up all that loud. Quieter than the opening act, even.

And during the entire opening piece, the audience was silent.

It definitely was a moment.

re: Astroneer progression possible spoilers 

re: Astroneer progression possible spoilers 

Astroneer progression possible spoilers 

(posting the cavern photo in large part because I realize I've been almost entirely using surface shots!)

at videogames inc, during the invention of videogames:

employee: "i've invented a new kind of enemy to put at the end of levels! they're big and scary, and the whole point of the game is to kill them. the player really really wants to kill them the whole time"
boss: "what are they called?"

As always, thanks to everyone who tuned in. Killer stream today.

Glacio: βœ”οΈ

Going live with more Astroneer!

Glacio, icebound and windswept. An RTG, a stack of batteries, a rover, and a plan. Let's go.

idk if this makes sense but I kinda want to complete it so I don't have to ever go back to it and start from the beginning again?

Think I'm gonna fire up a stream soon to see if it helps me feel a little less listless <3

The Tapir-Wolf Hypothesis, which suggests that a person's fursona affects their worldview and cognition,

Also, turns out yes, she's exactly the kind of artist to read two poems and a piece of short fiction between various roof-raising songs :D

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