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I'm a fox. I don't know entirely what it means, but it's real.

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What is postfurry? At the very core, it's a way of approaching what identity means.

Furry has been all about answering the question "what if people can also be animals?"

Postfurry says "okay, we can go even further than that. What if we claim authorial control over every aspect of identity? We're animal-people sure, but that's only a starting point. If the poststructuralists are right and all meaning is negotiable, let's go exploring and write some meanings of our own."

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@bitofabother I boosted my thread here so folks more in touch with this stuff than I am can comment or make corrections or stuff :)

@bitofabother Personally, I feel that my Ideal Self could well be a resident there. Maybe not a native, but I'd gladly make a home of the place.

Aesthetics of Neptunian culture are hard to describe definitively. On a basic level there's a strong color palette of greens, blues, and purples. Luminescence is a big theme. The game Subnautica actually does a pretty good job of showing a flavor of possibility -- alien, but unmistakably vibrant and oceanic. Overflowing with life.

Society is passively anarchist and extremely laid-back. The Mindlink facilitates strong group bonds.

One advocate of this culture uses "kelp" as a euphemism for marijuana and that's been widely adopted in my circles.

A common invocation(? not really sure the right word) is a representation of the Mindlink communication Love+Flow+Glow.

So... yeah, that's a brief on Neptunian culture.

@bitofabother this planet and society was first described collaboratively by certain subsets of the Seattle-centered nexus of the postfurry sub-subculture. I'd have to look up exact dates and history; it was before my time.

Since its initial description, an increasing number of folks have taken on roles of being representatives of this Neptunian culture.

The degree of metaphysical seriousness here depends on who you ask and what day it is.

On the low end, it's "this is an interesting and reasonant concept, and a fun conceptual space to play in. There's also an ethos here that's worth projecting into our world."

On the high end, it's "Halcyon and Neptunian culture legitimately exist in time and space somewhere within real universes, our concept of it is a metaphysical echo, and some of us as beings have experienced or will experience lifetimes there."

Depending on the day, I'm intermediate to high on that scale.

@bitofabother okay so. Imagine an ocean planet, called Halcyon. There's some islands but they're scattered and smallish.

There's lots of coral reefs and open water.

This planet is inhabited by a post-scarcity, post-human culture. Some of these beings are terrestrial or littoral, many more are primarily aquatic.

A defining feature of the planet-spanning ocean is that it facilitates a background mid-level telepathy, called the Mindlink. Beings in and around the ocean are continually empathically connected.


Passing idea: what if, Neptunian flag?

hm, a concern though is that it might be read as implicitly statist.

TBH it's fine if I get something slightly less durable since I have the digital file and can print another whenever :)

hmm now I need to figure out printing options. Laminated cardstock is an easy go-to but idk if I can think of something more durable.

I hope the printing process of Fedex or whomever doesn't mangle those dark colors.

I just noticed a tiny detail of composition, how the corona in the bottom-left is a bit dimmer to balance out the brightness of the white fur, and I am so impressed at this quality of art right now.


Okay so the instant I opened this con badge commission from @scoots I gasped aloud and was left with my jaw hanging.

It's so, so good y'all. I'm blown away.

@starkatt there's Thea: The Awakening, which is this weird… Slavic, folksy, fantasy, turn-based… you build up your village, send out adventuring/resource gathering parties, then have random CYOA-type encounters with and your villagers have skills that translate into different kinds of cards in different skill challenges…

restore the power of the gods (or not), make friends and peace with the remnants of the orcs, dwarves, and elves… if you can win their trust after humans broke the pantheon & life as everyone knew it


if I love Starship Troopers so much because it's bad at being satire.

I maybe should probably also watch Robocop? I've never seen Robocop.

snouts just passed 1 million snoots.

apparently, according to my account page, 23,713 (+1 for this one) are mine.

that's roughly 2.3-2.4%, if my math is accurate.

<voice type="Starship Troopers Marine">I'm Doing My Part!</voice>

@starkatt You can definitely do some of this in Starbound and I'd be surprised if there aren't mods that lean more heavily into it--I uh, basically play the game as a farming sim as it is....

@starkatt oh! I have one! The minecraft mod pack Regrowth, which is focused on pretty much exactly this: restoring a dead world

Realization: Seedship sorta qualifies. Sorta.

It's a Twine game where you play the AI of a ship trying to find a new homeworld for humanity. It's good. So-so on "optimistic" but the mood it creates is an interesting one to experience.

Oh I should probably specify since I didn't in the post: looking for computer games. I already know of a handful of ttrpgs that do this :)

Hey does anyone have recommendations for hopeful games about building community post-apocalypse? Or like, setting up farm plots and clean water supplies and stuff?


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