Can we get a new game with Mike Haggar? Doesn't even have to fight, can be like Haggar's Extreme Golf Challenge or something.

D'oh. Right headphone just went dead.

Anyone else into clip-style headphones and can recommend a pair?

I appreciate that in Hand of Fate 2 you can have a female character and she's as much as a wall of muscle as the guy is

Meryl: Okay so I know this is a dangerous job and you want me to carry a firearm, but hear me out. How about I carry about 500 single-shot pistols instead

I wonder how good Steve Wozniak is at Tetris 99

I want a gig playing that strawman atheist in Christian movies. The one that's never ever heard of Jesus, despite growing up in the Midwest US

Goat yogurt is a thing

I bet they wish they could call it Gogurt

I just confirmed that Brian Blessed is not in Cameo

Wanted to get a video of him saying owo and uwu

I would not want to be stung to death by bees right now. Feeling grateful.

So I learned like yesterday that modern motherboards have proper backplates built right onto the boards instead of having a flimsy paper-thin aluminum bracket you have to screw onto the case. That's pretty neat.

champagne for my real plants
real pain for my fake---wait oh my god my succulents

Beauty and the Beast needs an alternate ending where Belle turns into a big cool beast as well

Yeah, I know they kinda did it in Shrek

It was one of those things that gave him an inexplicable feeling of unease, not unlike the double H in 'Monchhichi'.

Yeah but WHY can't I buy a bubble tea at 4 am

I want to get one of the punch buttons from a Street Fighter 1 game, and rig up a Raspberry Pi Zero so it'll have food delivered when I smack it

I suspect my Xbox 360 wireless adapter might be dead. :/

I know Byte. It's that Apple II magazine from the 80s

I wanna watch Ep 2 of Picard so bad right now

Stupid weekly release schedule

- sink into memory foam mattress
- fall through other side
- in some vaguely allegorical magical kingdom
- why is Santa here
- worst isekai

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