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If I only could
I'd make a deal with god
And tell him ye not guilty

I declare that almond milk is the worst-tasting of the plant milks

Creatine supplements exist, apparently

I get plenty of that in convenient energy drink form

SSTV M2 Image received on 14.230 MHz USB at 2022-06-30 03:22:20 UTC
#sstv #M2 #14230

Apparently the "Now you do what they told ya" part of "Killing in the Name" sounds like "Break the chicken nuggets, daddy" in Japanese Is this something that sounds familiar to you? It's been bothering me for days.

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The Millennium Tower needs to add "No fighting shirtless on rooftop" and "No removing suit jackets and shirts in one fluid motion" to their building rules

"The Sun Always Shines on TV" is a better song than "Take on Me"

Neighbors shooting off fireworks every night as long as they are able to be purchased, which is swell

TIL Eagle-Eye Cherry isn't a band name, it's the real name of Nenah Cherry's half-brother

Searching different permutations of "Star trek poison balls" and "murdered by balls TNG" is going to get me some really weird ads

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Trek fans: My subconscious is bothering me about a TNG episode where an ambassador was given a gift of small scented spheres which he was whiffing incredibly enthusiastically which turned out to be a poisoned assassination weapon

Is this real or did my brain fabricate it

Mh(-), video games 

Q. Why do you play so many video games?

A. They distract from the ever-encroaching, shapeless, all-consuming void

Yeah, I know all about ODBC

It's one of the Halo games

Sonic Drive in could jettison their food menu entirely and just add more drink options and they'd be much better off for it

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