ah, the two genders, entrapta and mermista

I am going to go back in time and alter linguistics so people stop saying cum when they could just use a /

e.g. Gymnasium/Swimming Pool

So "The Right Stuff" is not in fact a sequel to "The Stuff"

This codified the tradition of the ages: The tribe's strongest warrior would venture past the threshold into another world and get takeout for everyone

"Hey, check out this naked lizard guy. Check him out. Check him OUT."

So does this guy have a magic door that manifests all over a single alternate world?

There any isekai stuff not inspired by the author playing way too many RPGs?

gym bouncer hauling me off the treadmill and past the "no music video reenactments" sign

I'm disappointed by the dearth of fan art for Konami's Metamorphic Force

Waiting for some VO artist to turn the Picard teaser into an ad for wine from the Chateau Picard vineyard

Idea: Bring back Duz laundry detergent with the ad slogan "Does Duz? Duz Does!"

HD remake of REM's "Imitation of Life" video when

All right, so this is the story of how I became a legend in the Mormon community, and how I found out about it.

"Have any bad habits?"
"I like to make an MMMMMMMMM noise in my throat and walk slowly through the house, pretending my head is Zardoz"

"We do what we do not because it is right, and not because it is easy, but because we thought it'd be funny"

If you're REALLY important character in anime, you get a middle initial.

I've realized that the tchotchkes you can buy when you complete Destiny 2 achievements are an unofficial continuation of the patch program Activision had for the Atari 2600

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