Let's make a 15 minute long video where a picture and 3-4 sentences would have sufficed to make a point because monetization

Why do Spotify links open on the web instead of in the client

No one: ...


Are you telling me there was a period of French history called the belly poke

I remember when they used to end a show with a sweaty man doing some pounding youtube.com/watch?v=zzuDDx3Ayp

Watching Real Steel, set in the far off future year of 2020

I'd like to apply to transfer to the boxing robots dimension

They're gonna remove the aged, rusting balcony at my apartment in the next few days, replace it with a cool wooden thing with a roof on it, for shade

Looking forward to it, not looking forward to the noise

I want one of those Death Stranding delivery racks so I can get my takeout/groceries without opening the door

"Pad Thai looks great, Sam, thanks"


Idea: Breakfast food sold in Japan with English language instruction on the packaging

Call them Eigo Waffles


Monte Cristo is the sandwich

Monte Carlo is the car

Dunkin' should rebrand as a chain for foods meant to be dipped in coffee and other substances

Have a Monte Cristo with raspberry jam and a French dip sandwich

TIL a CDN is not some kinda cyborg Canadian

No one ever questions that the Darling kids in Peter Pan were raised by a dog

"And in the end, try as I may, I was unable to understand that he was a magic man." - From my memoir

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