There are a few bugs in the Switch port of OSM: Old School Musical.

Recalling the times I lost my shit over a decision made by the director/producer of a video game series

That would be zero

Zero times

I never realized a very young David Faustino was in this

Sunset Shimmer in a plugsuit? Sure why not

The Asylum should produce a biopic of the actor that played Kenshiro in the US Fist of the North Star adaptation and call it The Mandylor

"Hey you know what this movie needs? A murderous death cult"

Fact: All the Pixar movies share a universe, except the ones that don't

Random dinosaurs practicing agriculture because I don't know

Went to catch up on the Pixar stuff I haven't seen yet, which is basically Cars 2 and 3 and the Good Dinosaur, and I don't really want to watch any of that

Where is all the His Dark Materials/JoJo crossover fic

Attn Windows 10: "Restart" means "restart", not "go back to the desktop" or "log out the active user"

I have apple cabbage stew

It restores both health AND stamina

So much snow. Going to make a concerted effort to never go outside again

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