Why is there a live-action dark and edgy adaptation of Winx Club

Mario Bros. game based on the movie aesthetic when

I want a meta-isakai that explores why the world the hero ends up in conforms to video game tropes

Idea: Fighting-type skunk pokemon named Knuks

To make an unforgettable first impression, attend job interviews in fursuit

This "The Crow N" series has no continuity whatsoever with the first 2 Crow movies or the tie-in comics, 0/5

TFW you're watching an anime and the protagonists want to know a side character's motivation 5 episodes in when you know it won't get revealed until the penultimate episode of the season

I can't get over that the name Liam is Mail spelled backwards

Okay but why not banana flavored everything

Learned about this Instacart alternative today. Giving them a try. dumpling.us/

I like to think there was a meeting discussing a Saturday morning cartoon about a youth gymnastic team and a random exec stood up and said "Why don't we put Mr. T in it"

Game Idea: Zombie Nation but with Martin Van Buren's head

Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland 2 when

If I got a job playing video games I probably wouldn't want to play video games anymore

I want an anime series about an influencer but what they influence is PHYSICS with their MIND

... the vulpine centaur's big freestanding windowless storefront offering sightseeing packages for local foxes, or the foxtaur's box store fox tours ...

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