Imbibed caffiene to run errand
Can't sleep
Stuff to do later

Awww yeah, that's how I want my Toy Story, with existential dread

Gotaa run a quick errand before bed but movement is difficult

I will never understand why people use the giant industrial washer that costs $12 to wash a single tiny basket of wash

I want to start a brass ensemble of buskers called Horny on Main

Arrived way too early for bb's doctor appointment

Sorry bb

Over in Universe-2, the new Elite Beat Agents just dropped

Where is all the fan art of Baphomet from Doom Patrol

Lin-Manuel's cockney is a bit better than the guy from the first movie

I admit I've only encountered Emily Blunt voicing a bitter unicorn before


Mary Poppins 40K. In the grim darkness of the far future, there is only tea.

puzzle game where you play as a floating, haunted gun and need to do every day tasks using only the gun

The spouse informs me I've been drawing post-it doodles for about 5 years now. Gosh.

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