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flying_fox is running sonic 1 as tails at gdq and doin’ wonderful. always nice to see fellow foxes out there

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is your child addicted to the donkey kong country franchise? check their text messages for these telltale clues:

IDK = I'm Donkey Kong
LOL = Lots of Lanky
BRB = Bereaved Regarding Bananas
IKR = Is it K. Rool?
JK = Jump on Kremlings
SMH = Such Monkey Hijinx
ACAB = Athletically Cannonball from Airborne Barrels

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☀️ awooed

the best thing about gdq is all the puns

I discovered the freestyle tool in blender and immediately went for that rez aesthetic. have a tv-robot-mecha thing! it’s called a teletank

another painting done in dreams earlier this week :3

I don’t think I ever printed a downloaded figurine back when I first got my 3D printer. I probably figured it too self indulgent. but y’know what? life is short

source model:

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I think we should legitimately make laws banning rich people from leaving the planet. You're not getting away, fuckers

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drawing dragonself holding koboldself and you can't stop me

what is a culture? a miserable pile of shared symbols and meanings

this post made by communications major gang

been playing around with drawing stuff in dreams PS4! figured I'd share here too ^^

how long can you spend on a single puzzle before finally completing it says more negative things about you than good?

TIS-100 is brutal but I only have 2 more puzzles in the main story left. soon I will be freeee

I wonder if non-raytraced graphics will be an Aesthetic someday. I feel like pixel art is beloved in part because it exists almost exclusively in video games. prerendered CG has had realistic lighting for a while, meanwhile the only place we see the old raster stuff still is in games

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☀️ awooed

help, i'm being pursued by ontologists! i don't know where they all came from!

jim sterling 

I don’t put people on pedestals but I do keep track of which people I would put on pedestals if I was the kind of person who puts people on pedestals and I’m pretty sure jim sterling just paused in the middle of an anti-gamergate video to announce they’re taking estrogen

death stranding is cool it’s like someone combined crazy taxi, qwop, and no mans sky into one game

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