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jim sterling 

I don’t put people on pedestals but I do keep track of which people I would put on pedestals if I was the kind of person who puts people on pedestals and I’m pretty sure jim sterling just paused in the middle of an anti-gamergate video to announce they’re taking estrogen

death stranding is cool it’s like someone combined crazy taxi, qwop, and no mans sky into one game

buggie running beeps from rez is the closest a song has come to capturing what coding FEELS like it sounds like.

at least what it feels like when things are going well. when they aren't, coding feels like it sounds like a family of clowns arguing in an arby's

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Dragon Quest has Slimes and She-Slimes, but it has loads of other slimes, like Metal Slimes and Healing Slimes. Clearly this is just a lot of different Slime Genders.

put sauce and cheese on a tortilla and I feel like I just lifehacked Making Pizza

in other words, it’s a total cheese strat

“In 2077 what makes someone a criminal? having a fursona”

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@monorail I know not with what weapons Ready Player Three will be fought, but Ready Player Four will be fought with sticks and stones.

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macOS big sur is the first update I'm really hesitant to install because darn the new icon style looks hideous

tech, price mention 

that looking glass holographic display for $200 is looking mighty tempting. might be the excuse I need to finally dig into unity and blender

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gonna try spending a bit more time on masto, now that birdsite is pushing fleets and switch screenshots are easier to post here, feels like a good time to ease back in

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Shot through the heart
And you're to blame, darlin'
The Card Game

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Put down that 'for' and step away from the 'while'. No one has to get iterated

the shin megami tensei 4 apocalypse protag wears a soldier’s uniform with “NO WAR” printed on it which is A. a fascinating dress choice by a 15 yo who grew up in a warzone and B. absolutely totally epic

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@avie @fillertrack yeah don't watch it. watch moana instead, she's gay as hell and i love her

well it took them 3 years but they finally managed to screw up the minimalism of the switch home screen

the evolution of the share button on PS4 to the create button on PS5 feels like a codification of self-commodification and I don’t like it

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how's this for a winter outfit? :3

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