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Character introductions! 

Oh yes, my characters!

Nowak ('Novack') is my primary character and fursona. He's a two-tailed arctic fox who likes to tinker with electronics, particularly keyboards. He has two different coats, a white/blue one and a copper/white one, depending on the season. Normally, he is organic, but I also like getting him drawn as a plush, hehe. He also doesn't like hot weather.

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GameDev Industry: "AAA titles have to go up to US$75 because our costs are going up and to continue bringing you these cinematic quality experiences--"

Me: "I don't want cinematic quality experiences, I just want fun games"

GameDev Industry: "We... don't know how to do that, have 4K cutscenes directed by hollywood B-list directors"

slipping on a kerplunk bracer right before you die in dragon quest and then going on to win the battle feels oh SO good

is he… y’know… *pantomimes dying of scurvy* a republican?

Me using pico8: If you press button my sprite moves.

Normal people using pico8: just wrote a raycast 3d engine and made a fully procedural rougelike in pico8 lol

can't believe GitHub doesn't support "OR" queries in its search, and also that it materially supports ICE locking kids in cages

the cool kids call twilight princess “twili prili”

I’m cool kids

I have no love for epic games but god I hope they somehow win against apple.

I swear, this baby is going to be apart of my retirement plan.

poker dealer: it’s a straight!!
me: the fuck did u just call me???

heck I’ve now cleared dragon quest 7, 8, and 9

hail the lamp dragon

patron deity to kobolds and moths

dragon quest before acquiring zing and dragon quest after acquiring zing are like two entirely separate genres

xenoblade x dev A: okay what should the OST for this game be
xenoblade x dev B: what if every track was an absolute banger
xenoblade x dev A: holy heck you’re a genius

this game could be improved 2000% by changing the king’s dialogue to not shame you for dying when death is clearly part of the intended progression

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