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:pikasurprise: Pokémania Snack Attack!

Some 90s Pokémon snacks that are most likely going to be a sticker sheet/pattern of some sort!!!

the new version of macos has such ugly app icons lmfao

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☀️ awooed

The Dreamcast is already the most Y2K console of all time, but the Dreamcast-CRT 2-in-1 is absolutely the most Y2K console.

it’s weird how dragon quest as a series is a rigid adherent to series tradition but also doesn’t take itself seriously at all. it’s like the opposite of final fantasy

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hoo boy ok so when do we tell the liberals that "the police are founded to perpetuate racism and so cannot be reformed into an anti-racist institution" also applies to the US constitution

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hey mastodon i thought you would like to know that the official mozilla documentation for the checkbox input element uses an example of designing a monstersona

*uses sin and cosine to draw a circle*
that’s right, I’m kinda a math jeenius,

I remember a year ago reading a book on computer graphics that described textures as “providing the illusion of there being more [polygonal] detail than is actually there” and I was like. woah. I always thought of textures as BEING the detail

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working on drawing my lombaxsona but I got tired so this is what I have so far

zero escape series fans, name a bigger downgrade, I’ll wait

fire emblem 

I would be a much bigger fan of Three Houses if:
1. units could have kids like the 3DS games
2. the only explanation for them being like 10-13 years old after a 3 year timeskip is a throwaway line from an adult saying “they grew up so fast”

playing final fantasy 8 and I am floored by how big the budget for this game must’ve been

also everything politically is horrifying rn but I’m talking a ton about it on birdsite so don’t take it the wrong way if I use this account to talk about other things. ACAB tho

mario tennis GBC is a very weird game because while tennis matches are the stand in for RPG battles, they aren’t abridged at all so you can wind up in a 2-hour long match.

BDG’s unraveled videos are a great example of how scientific methods can easily produce bullshit results if the assumptions underpinning the study and analysis are also bullshit

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When Dr. King said that he hoped to avoid a riot, he was saying he wished that a protest would be heard enough. It would appear that African Americans still have not been heard enough.

New York Times, COVID-19, vent 

very cool and normal that the new york times, a for-profit company, is getting positive press for printing a mass obituary in their newspaper, their newspaper being a thing they do to make money, which they will now get more of thanks to the drama of printing a mass obituary,,,

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