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video games as a storytelling medium become a lot richer when you accept "game overs" as valid endings in of themselves

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to live like an oyster is to desire nothing, it is the ultimate freedom, the ideal life

thinking about sin & punishment for the N64. what a fever dream of a game

video game save data lowkey freaks me out in how it never ages. you can make it halfway through a dungeon, take a 2 year break, and then come back to it like nothing happened

birdsite, sonicfox VS jasonafex 

this is a PSA for fedi-folks but sonicfox is absolutely eviscerating jasonafex on twitter and it is BEAUTIFUL

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the Coffee Connoisseur sleepily stumbles out of bed and prepares a lovely pour over coffee ... "this makes me very sexy, to make my coffee this way" they mumble to themselves, before taking a sip of their Perfected Brew

covid, us politics 

it is extremely discouraging to see the bernie-backed $2,000 stimulus is gonna be means tested

gotta take extra care to make sure we don’t accidentally help the wrong people, amirite?

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aerith’s great gospel implies the existence of a decent or perhaps subpar gospel

the first few notes of the melee onett theme really do just go and do their own thing huh

bad programming advice 

remember to follow basic best practices and add line numbers to your C code, like so:


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be gay; curse out US army recruiters

‪computer scientist: multiple inheritance can lead to two methods having the same name. this is called the “d‬iamond problem”
me: well that’s stupid just change one of the names

apropos of nothing but “With Me By All Ends” was a much better final boss theme for a sonic game than people give it credit for

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"billionaires earned their money" is this century's "the king has the divine right to rule"

it's easy for me to forget that not all gamedev programmers spent 5-or-so years studying programming theory and syntax before deciding to make games

honestly though I love PDFs. literally every other file type has let me down, confused, or disappointed me in some way. but not PDFs. they always come through for me when I need them to

professor just emailed us saying that we have to use word because he can't "comment on [PDFs] in a meaningful way" and I'm tempted to link § 12.5 of the standard in response

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