oops! I’m headless now. that’s pretty spooky, right?

learning pico8 coding stuff and using my function writing powers to draw a funny little cat (@sol did the other stuff)

I dunno if it's just me, but one of the weird things about being a gamedev is you start to feel bad for not having time to play every cool game you see

like "what makes you think your game is worth working on if you can't even be arsed to play cool game XYZ?"

unmarked sarcasm 

you know what would be a great solution to the housing crisis? ad-subsidized housing! builders just put in a few always-on screens in rooms around the house and voila, affordable rent!

re: pokemon, dysphoria 

@bupy I feel this, I’ve been playing RPGMaker FES and one of the things I don’t like is my username there is still the one I derived from my birth name. it’s one of the reasons I don’t plan to advertise the game I made for it a ton…

@backwardsflow I sometimes feel bad I judge f2p games by their cover but time and time again they find new ways to disappoint me

@backwardsflow everyone is falling off of genshin impact and it’s making me kiiiinda glad I didn’t give it a fair shake due to it being f2p.

isnt it weird how I joined a fox instance and then my fursona became even more foxy? at this rate there won't be any bunny left in me

“once you pop you can’t stop” sounds more like a curse than a marketing slogan

thinking about the vending machine scp and how its basically an excuse for writers to do in-universe canon-friendly shitposting

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