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hail the lamp dragon

patron deity to kobolds and moths

@00dani granted there’s still a lot of tension cause zing has a high chance of failure but still, you go from not being able to afford one death in a fight to characters dying and resurrecting like heaven has a revolving door out front

@00dani it’s the revive spell. prior to learning it, if you want to revive a character you have to drag them to a church and pay a per-person fee

dragon quest before acquiring zing and dragon quest after acquiring zing are like two entirely separate genres

xenoblade x dev A: okay what should the OST for this game be
xenoblade x dev B: what if every track was an absolute banger
xenoblade x dev A: holy heck you’re a genius

this game could be improved 2000% by changing the king’s dialogue to not shame you for dying when death is clearly part of the intended progression

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it’s amazing to me that the iOS version of dragon quest 1 is better than the switch version

whoever decided “yeah let’s remove the pixel art, that’s what people playing 80s RPGs in 2019 want” was out of their mind

@roxy wait wait so dq 11 S for ps4 will look worse than the vanilla version? that is a clusterfreak if I’ve ever seen one

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Paper Mario The Origami King 

Life needs a burrito button D:

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mega ampharos or, "what if ampharos but FLOFFY"

I love using Nintendo Switch NES Online to play blockbuster hits like Eliminator Boat Duel™️ and The Immortal™️ with my friiiieeeennbdas

@wolfcoder oh I looked it up and apparently the 11 and 7 themes are identical, and those are the only two I’ve played. that’s the track in particular I hate

@wolfcoder it goes from 0 to 60 so fast and it sticks out SO drastically from the other tracks bc they do not change it one bit between games

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