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small warmup drawing of Faulkner warming up with some coffee !! 🐈☕🍂

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sketchpage commission for
@sol !! some promo art for their PICO-8 game, Sybil's Tail !!

my commission prices 🖌️: kitorchidart.weebly.com

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gender stuff 

re: money stuff 

streaming gamedev 

@pupy rez’s ost is so good but yeah, it definitely is best experienced in-game

@pexl @QuinnCollie ‪this looks lovely! I’m a sucker for poses with hot coffee in them. gives off a cozy vibe‬

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I have no idea how to talk to people. I have no idea what to say to people who are hurting. I often don't say anything at all cause I worry my idiot self will just make it worse.

So just. In a general sense. Everyone struggling. Hurting. Tired. Confused. Anything. Anyone.

I'm rooting for you.

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patreon mini reward for @sol of Sybil from their upcoming video game Sybil’s Tale !!


rambling gender thoughts 

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A sketch commission for @sol of their game character Sybil !

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djikstra, an intellectual: GOTO considered harmful
sol, a fool: GOTO considered whimsical

I could write a whole article about all the hilarious optimizations I'm doing to remain under PICO-8's token limit

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