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Some have speculated that there is no core to the fox and that the fox is, in fact, fluff all the way down.

Such claims are not provable though, as no one has ever made it far enough into a fox's fluff to tell. And those who make the attempt often never return.

@roxy I absolutely adore little details like this

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There we go, fully implemented grandfather clock that not only tells what time it is (accurately, the hours and minutes are offset correctly - its just small) but it also plays this song on the hour

(I'm forcing it to play the song not on the hour though lmao)

@PK I’m breathing out, the c h e m i c a l s

re: mario maker 

mario maker 

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re: Super Smash Bros. 


top 10 ways to learn you have a dash cam 

@pupy playing that game in VR is an entire experience

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AGDQ 2020 🎮🦖🎉

The A stands for "Animorphs" : 3

I've been watching/listening to these fast fast games while working the last couple days and I wanted to draw Velocity, the good good Nonbinary Raptor mascot of the event. :3

you, a fool: idealized self
me, an intellectual: chadsona


star wars tros spoilers, conspiracy theory 

might fuck around and buy LEGO bricks

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