experimenting with playstation-esque render styles. going for that "licensed game you got in a cereal box" level of fidelity with this one

196 tris, 256x256 resolution!

a low poly fox I made, submitted for your appraisal

loose, foot loose, put on your fuckin foot loose
feet, foot feet, dance on your fuckin feet

I discovered the freestyle tool in blender and immediately went for that rez aesthetic. have a tv-robot-mecha thing! it’s called a teletank

another painting done in dreams earlier this week :3

I don’t think I ever printed a downloaded figurine back when I first got my 3D printer. I probably figured it too self indulgent. but y’know what? life is short

source model:

been playing around with drawing stuff in dreams PS4! figured I'd share here too ^^

well it took them 3 years but they finally managed to screw up the minimalism of the switch home screen

zero escape series fans, name a bigger downgrade, I’ll wait

commissioned art 

still losing my mind over how great this drawing of sybil by @ osmoru on twitter is

gamedev, pico8 

implemented the intro cutscene I was talking about yesterday. I like how it came out!

pixel art, pico8 

"one night, sybil was stirred from her slumber by the sound of what must have been a meteorite landing outside…"

tentative art for the intro cutscene of my game. it's certainly clear art isn't my strong suit, but I don't dislike these drawings either.

got a sketch by @Marzimaned of my OC Sybil! she looks so lovely and I couldn’t be happier!!

thwack! testing out enemies in my pico-8 game…

pixel art, lore 

finally got around to drawing sybil’s house! she burrowed this cozy cabin into the side of a hill. it can get kinda lonely at night, but home is home.

more pico-8 art! perhaps this trashy raccoon has something to trade with sybil?

it’s real bézier curve appreciation hours who up

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