commissioned art 

still losing my mind over how great this drawing of sybil by @ osmoru on twitter is

gamedev, pico8 

implemented the intro cutscene I was talking about yesterday. I like how it came out!

pixel art, pico8 

"one night, sybil was stirred from her slumber by the sound of what must have been a meteorite landing outside…"

tentative art for the intro cutscene of my game. it's certainly clear art isn't my strong suit, but I don't dislike these drawings either.

got a sketch by @Marzimaned of my OC Sybil! she looks so lovely and I couldn’t be happier!!

pixel art, lore 

finally got around to drawing sybil’s house! she burrowed this cozy cabin into the side of a hill. it can get kinda lonely at night, but home is home.

more pico-8 art! perhaps this trashy raccoon has something to trade with sybil?

pixel fox, pico-8 spritesheet, game mechanics 

part of the idea behind her gameplay is that Sybil can collect special ribbons that her tail larger and more powerful.

without a ribbon she's virtually defenseless, but with a green ribbon, watch out! also pictured: the mysterious Omega Tail, which sends shockwaves along the ground

pixel art fox 

finally, a up-close drawing of the fox character I've been doodling. I've decided her name is Sybil!

I'm really happy with how this came out, ngl

pixel animation 

decided to animate the pico-8 sketch I did a while ago. what a lovely day for a space elevator ride~!

pixel art 

doodled some possible enemy designs for a PICO-8 game I’m thinking of making!

pixel art, lore 

After investigating a strange metallic meteorite, our heroine returns to find a massive space elevator has flattened her home! Furious, she ascends to confront those responsible…

concept sketch made in PICO-8 for a game I'm thinking of making!

8x8 pixel fox spritesheet. I’m switching to a 16x8 sprite size, so these will go partially unused!

continuing to experiment with animating pixel art in pico-8.
look at her swing that tail! ✨🦊✨

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