commissioned art 

gamedev, pico8 

pixel art, pico8 

got a sketch by @Marzimaned of my OC Sybil! she looks so lovely and I couldn’t be happier!!

thwack! testing out enemies in my pico-8 game…

pixel art, lore 

more pico-8 art! perhaps this trashy raccoon has something to trade with sybil?

it’s real bézier curve appreciation hours who up

pixel fox, pico-8 spritesheet, game mechanics 

pixel art fox 

pixel animation 

pixel art 

pixel art, lore 

elevator, goin down! pixel art animation I sketched out in PICO-8

8x8 pixel fox spritesheet. I’m switching to a 16x8 sprite size, so these will go partially unused!

continuing to experiment with animating pixel art in pico-8.
look at her swing that tail! ✨🦊✨

I promise, last pixel art fox for a while but hey, I sketched this out in PICO-8 and it came out nice, I think!!

more pixel foxes, I'm practicing making effective use of PICO-8's brutal 16 color palette

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