wait what happened
why is .social blocked?

@sol idk exactly but it might be related to what happened with snouts recently which is... a v v long story

@kit yeah I keep hearing murmurs of racism going on but I haven’t seen any sort of summary so far

@sol this is a p good summary re: what's up with snouts

it's gotten a bit messier since then, but i'm not on snouts so most of what i know is second-hand info

@sol From what I remember it has to do with issues related to the sole moderator of .social, LuigiEsq, and that it's generally an extremely large instance left unchecked. The block was likely intended to encourage the spread to smaller instances that aren't on our blacklist.

I'll look through my bookmarks to see if I can find an announcement post, but it might be awhile back.

@sol For the record the block has been in for a good few weeks and is unrelated to the [] and monads thing, but LuigiEsq himself has also somehow managed to get himself in this one as well.

Trying to be as unbiased as possible to make sure things are more clear.

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