does anybody know what an "ndw" instruction in a gameboy assembler language might do? it seems like it's similar in usage to dw (define word) instructions but I dunno what the n indicates

@sol hmm, maybe it zeroes out the region it's defining (n = null)? or treats it as unsigned? or maybe it's how you deallocate a region ("u-ndefine")?

idk anything about how gameboy assembler works so :blobcatgooglyshrug:

@sol neither of those are actual Sharp LR35902 instructions so I would have to know what assembler you're using.

@wolfcoder alas, "what assembler was this written for" is precisely what I'm trying to figure out

@wolfcoder it's the source code for pokemon yellow, allegedly

@sol ha! I knew it! anyways the problem is that they would've used an in house Nintendo tool, but if you dig around in the leak you might actually find a copy, or it may be included in a different leak.

@sol I know enough to be able to tell you this IS indeed the real deal source code leak, though

@wolfcoder it certainly looks like production code, that's for sure xD

@sol in the code, dw is being used to put 16-bit constants in the code right? is there an apparently different bit depth to ndw?

@wolfcoder alas, I have to setup better tooling (and find more time) to discern that. the code is using symbols, presumably defined in another file, rather than numbers, so I'd have to trace that.

there is also db command though, so dw is almost certainly two bytes

@sol I wonder if I could so something with it, I've already written an assembler for the GameBoy from scratch (twice) and wrote part of a game engine with it before.

You got me interested. The next time I get some free time I'm going to go on a little data archaeology.

@wolfcoder if you do, could you check my theory that the files prefixed with “yelmsg” exist to inject dialogue added in yellow to the original red/green/blue code?

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