hot take re: chic fil a 

I don’t even go to chic fil a and while I understand and kind of agree with the “don’t eat at chic fil a” sentiment, we should keep in mind consumer activism is intrinsically capitalistic and more importantly we don’t need to prove our fiscal worth in the market to be valid

tbh I don’t want chic fil a to stop being openly anti-LGBT due to “financial pressure”, I want them to stop because management is scared of getting eggs thrown at them

hot take re: chic fil a 

@sol thank you for putting my thoughts into words better than I could, lol

hot take re: chic fil a 

@pandorasfox @sol The economics get complicated too when you take into account they franchise with flat annual fees and supply, not percentage cuts like a lot of other franchises. So realistically without a massive sustained boycott, it's not likely to affect corporate bottom line. And you know how the Straights are about their CFA.

(That said, even before i went veg, i'd stopped eating there for these same ideological reasons)

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