tumblr, serious 

the awkwardness of the phrase “female presenting nipples” is emblematic of how society’s obsession with gender binaries is _about_ enforcing the compulsory censorship of women

tumblr, serious 

@sol it's such a clumsily worded phrase but suuuuper telling, too

tumblr, serious, sexism 

@kit @sol It's BECAUSE it's clumsily-worded that it's so telling. All the socially-accepted terms are too inclusionary, so they have to make up new stuff to be able to single out trans women.

Bigots need a focus to distract from their real goals. This was more an attack on women & effeminate men than it was towards trans people. It's already legal to assault & murder trans people, so they can't erode our rights much more. But they CAN erode the rights of all women.

re: tumblr, serious 

@sol When Twitch disallowed all nudity and temp-banned some men for playing games shirtless people said it was silly but is there actually any less silly way to do this if your goal is to avoid nipples on your platform? It seems like that's the proper way to implement it.

re: tumblr, serious 

@sol it is more or less literally saying "girls have less rights here than men because they have different bodies" which is really one of the worst thoughts ever

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