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This is just reminder I will never turn down hugs. You will never weird me out by asking for hugs. The hug is yours

also everything politically is horrifying rn but I’m talking a ton about it on birdsite so don’t take it the wrong way if I use this account to talk about other things. ACAB tho

mario tennis GBC is a very weird game because while tennis matches are the stand in for RPG battles, they aren’t abridged at all so you can wind up in a 2-hour long match.

BDG’s unraveled videos are a great example of how scientific methods can easily produce bullshit results if the assumptions underpinning the study and analysis are also bullshit

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When Dr. King said that he hoped to avoid a riot, he was saying he wished that a protest would be heard enough. It would appear that African Americans still have not been heard enough.

New York Times, COVID-19, vent 

very cool and normal that the new york times, a for-profit company, is getting positive press for printing a mass obituary in their newspaper, their newspaper being a thing they do to make money, which they will now get more of thanks to the drama of printing a mass obituary,,,

kind of surprised that LÖVE doesn’t have any accessibility features? I asked in the discord and they were like “well, there are C APIs”

thinking about making a tiny 8 bit game where you play as a samurai riding atop a bald eagle someone talk me out of this

why do we call them mini games when the phrase “small trifles” is basically synonymous

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money beg, help me move out!! 

hi hello hi

lockdown is being eased up and that means I'm able to move into my flat buuuuut lockdown is still a thing so the moment I move in there I'm basically buggered over with no direct support! so I need to be making sure I'm moving into there fully prepped and ready to go before resuming my tenancy and doing that means I need money which I don't have. please help if u can!! 💖💖

the problem with social sites optimizing for engagements is that hurtful actions are technically engagements too

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Introducing the new Sony Playstation.

Script by @jk
Music from NES Pictionary
Video from my living room and Sony

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Me 🤝 my girlfriend's wife
Loving our girlfriend

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Me, taking my wife’s hand: No, honey. It’s *our* chemical romance.

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@cozykaffe check this out : (not an actual explanation it's a joke video)

re: college, mh(---) 

to be clear. I've had a lot of fun online and/or away from college. but when it comes to things directly related to going to school itself? ugh.

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college, mh(---) 

today's the last day of my college career. But as I sit here, the physical sensation of anxiety crawling over me for the umpteempth time. I don't feel proud, I just feel shame.

I hurt myself so much over this goddamn degree and now I don't even want it. I have no happy memories of college. Made no friends. 5 years and nothing to show for it except my own pain.

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the year is 2030. we've finally killed off that sun microsystems programming language, you don't get popups asking to update it anymore. they even built a tomb for it so people could pay their respects, but nobody goes. real programmers don't like java's crypt

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