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This is just reminder I will never turn down hugs. You will never weird me out by asking for hugs. The hug is yours

gonna try spending a bit more time on masto, now that birdsite is pushing fleets and switch screenshots are easier to post here, feels like a good time to ease back in

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Shot through the heart
And you're to blame, darlin'
The Card Game

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Put down that 'for' and step away from the 'while'. No one has to get iterated

the shin megami tensei 4 apocalypse protag wears a soldier’s uniform with “NO WAR” printed on it which is A. a fascinating dress choice by a 15 yo who grew up in a warzone and B. absolutely totally epic

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@avie @fillertrack yeah don't watch it. watch moana instead, she's gay as hell and i love her

well it took them 3 years but they finally managed to screw up the minimalism of the switch home screen

the evolution of the share button on PS4 to the create button on PS5 feels like a codification of self-commodification and I don’t like it

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how's this for a winter outfit? :3

hey! I know I’ve been quiet here but. anybody with a 3DS willing to test an hour-long RPGMaker game I made?

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if u have a crush on me you gotta tell me, them’s the rules

oops! I’m headless now. that’s pretty spooky, right?

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learning pico8 coding stuff and using my function writing powers to draw a funny little cat (@sol did the other stuff)

I dunno if it's just me, but one of the weird things about being a gamedev is you start to feel bad for not having time to play every cool game you see

like "what makes you think your game is worth working on if you can't even be arsed to play cool game XYZ?"

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you know what would be a great solution to the housing crisis? ad-subsidized housing! builders just put in a few always-on screens in rooms around the house and voila, affordable rent!

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isnt it weird how I joined a fox instance and then my fursona became even more foxy? at this rate there won't be any bunny left in me

candy corn is good, screw the haters

“once you pop you can’t stop” sounds more like a curse than a marketing slogan

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thinking about the vending machine scp and how its basically an excuse for writers to do in-universe canon-friendly shitposting

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