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This is just reminder I will never turn down hugs. You will never weird me out by asking for hugs. The hug is yours

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this is not a drill, SDGQ has a cute animal mascot

ICE raids 

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It's ok to have things be a hobby without further aspiration for them!

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aggretsuko spoilers 

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raspberry pi coming online… yaaas

imagine how relieved everyone involved with the debian project was when disney announced toy story 4


finally cleared the original super mario bros! it only took me ~15 years lol

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Thinking about how intimidating Mastodon can seem because you have to scroll through a huge list of instances and pick one and try your luck, rather than just going to "the bird website" or "the facebook" and signing up.

But then, like - that's how it always used to be? That's what forums were like, you found one randomly, you took your chances, and it worked out or it didn't.

How quickly big tech conditioned us to fear choice and mistrust the unknown, I guess. Anyway uhhh piss piss ass piss ass

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