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This is just reminder I will never turn down hugs. You will never weird me out by asking for hugs. The hug is yours

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☀️ awooed

hail the lamp dragon

patron deity to kobolds and moths

dragon quest before acquiring zing and dragon quest after acquiring zing are like two entirely separate genres

xenoblade x dev A: okay what should the OST for this game be
xenoblade x dev B: what if every track was an absolute banger
xenoblade x dev A: holy heck you’re a genius

this game could be improved 2000% by changing the king’s dialogue to not shame you for dying when death is clearly part of the intended progression

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it’s amazing to me that the iOS version of dragon quest 1 is better than the switch version

whoever decided “yeah let’s remove the pixel art, that’s what people playing 80s RPGs in 2019 want” was out of their mind

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Paper Mario The Origami King 

Life needs a burrito button D:

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mega ampharos or, "what if ampharos but FLOFFY"

I love using Nintendo Switch NES Online to play blockbuster hits like Eliminator Boat Duel™️ and The Immortal™️ with my friiiieeeennbdas

I loathe the dragon quest casino music. those trumpets parp far too swankily

I usually don’t shame games for their bugs but oh boy how did final fantasy 1 manage to bork half the core mechanics of the game

zing me up
(zing me up inside)
I can't cast zing
(zing me up inside)
zing me, call my name and
wake me from the death status

dragon quest 7 is a game where you can learn a sickly woman took her unrequited love to the grave and then the next moment you jump down a well and find a bloke who says “well well well, all’s well within the well! GET IT?”

just saw a dragon quest 11 forum post titled “is Sylvando gay or european?” and I am now deceased

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no I don't "identify" as non-binary,, I *am* non-binary; I *identify* as a bitch and a bastard who's gonna kick ur whole ass

‪crosscode’s‬ journey to consoles is so funny, they were like “let’s use javascript to make portability easy” and then five minutes later were like “oops”

watching game grumps and I’m reminded how sonic heroes is the only sonic game I have no feelings for whatsoever

dragon quest 7 is so surreal and occasionally even somber, I’m liking it a lot

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