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This is just reminder I will never turn down hugs. You will never weird me out by asking for hugs. The hug is yours

I'm really impressed how unique every new smash character is. a lot of them teeter on the edge of belonging to different genres

trauma center spinoff for ARMS where you have to fix the fighters' wacky messed up circulation before their limbs fall off

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:pikasurprise: Pokémania Snack Attack!

Some 90s Pokémon snacks that are most likely going to be a sticker sheet/pattern of some sort!!!

the new version of macos has such ugly app icons lmfao

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The Dreamcast is already the most Y2K console of all time, but the Dreamcast-CRT 2-in-1 is absolutely the most Y2K console.

it’s weird how dragon quest as a series is a rigid adherent to series tradition but also doesn’t take itself seriously at all. it’s like the opposite of final fantasy

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hoo boy ok so when do we tell the liberals that "the police are founded to perpetuate racism and so cannot be reformed into an anti-racist institution" also applies to the US constitution

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hey mastodon i thought you would like to know that the official mozilla documentation for the checkbox input element uses an example of designing a monstersona

*uses sin and cosine to draw a circle*
that’s right, I’m kinda a math jeenius,

I remember a year ago reading a book on computer graphics that described textures as “providing the illusion of there being more [polygonal] detail than is actually there” and I was like. woah. I always thought of textures as BEING the detail

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working on drawing my lombaxsona but I got tired so this is what I have so far

zero escape series fans, name a bigger downgrade, I’ll wait

fire emblem 

I would be a much bigger fan of Three Houses if:
1. units could have kids like the 3DS games
2. the only explanation for them being like 10-13 years old after a 3 year timeskip is a throwaway line from an adult saying “they grew up so fast”

playing final fantasy 8 and I am floored by how big the budget for this game must’ve been

also everything politically is horrifying rn but I’m talking a ton about it on birdsite so don’t take it the wrong way if I use this account to talk about other things. ACAB tho

mario tennis GBC is a very weird game because while tennis matches are the stand in for RPG battles, they aren’t abridged at all so you can wind up in a 2-hour long match.

BDG’s unraveled videos are a great example of how scientific methods can easily produce bullshit results if the assumptions underpinning the study and analysis are also bullshit

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When Dr. King said that he hoped to avoid a riot, he was saying he wished that a protest would be heard enough. It would appear that African Americans still have not been heard enough.

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