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This is just reminder I will never turn down hugs. You will never weird me out by asking for hugs. The hug is yours

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yiptape, noun
collection of kobold music

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my dear @sol drew a very good plushie Kit and they made her look soooooo soft and huggable... i haven't stopped thinking about this art aaaa~ 💜✨💜

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SUUUUUUUPER cute sketch page comm i got from @/quasarbunart over on twitter

it's me! the dog girl!!

experimenting with playstation-esque render styles. going for that "licensed game you got in a cereal box" level of fidelity with this one

196 tris, 256x256 resolution!

me, seeing the number 256: that's!! the programming number!!!

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Feeling really good tonight, so I wanna take the opportunity to happy-post! Here's an amazing piece of Finley gift art that a very nice friend got me; it's been inspiring me and lifting my spirits all week! ^-^ (Art by wodahS720 on birdsite)

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compsci teacher's making us store gender as an enum to prove we know how enums work so i decided to have fun with it

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I feel like I’m hallucinating this pokemon blue speedrun. what is happening

what chaotic neutral soul named the glitch realm in alttp “plaid world”

kungfufruitcup’s hair is so pretty. I’d love to have colors like that in my hair someday

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Dragon drawing!

This one I’m going to try to make into a stamp.

Which is gonna be hard as heck, because I added way too much detail.

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it's SO fucked up that other people can experience the same things you do but it's also so FUCKED UP that other people can experience different things

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Bit surprised it's taken this long to get something that plays with this obvious pun n.n
Stream sketch done by Kayla-Na ( )

a low poly fox I made, submitted for your appraisal

loose, foot loose, put on your fuckin foot loose
feet, foot feet, dance on your fuckin feet

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