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Holiday Cryptid 🐺🌲🦌
Friends help decorate friends

A doodle commission for DreccanOfPaws on Twitter!

Dreccan (Deer) is a Woman and uses She/Her pronouns!
Pinaceae (Timber Wolf) is a Man and uses He/Him pronouns! Thanks.

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discussion of dick pics 

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i want to see a pokemon fan game where you play as a pokemon who stole a trainer's hat

and discover that nobody can tell you're a pokemon as long as you're wearing the hat

the professor offers you a starter pokemon and you just kind of bat at one of the pokeballs with a paw, so they say "the strong silent type, yeah? some of the most powerful trainers in the world were the same way"

you fight the first gym leader by placing a pokeball down with your mouth and pressing the button, and your opponent is wowed by your eccentric technique

and the whole game continues that way until your hat gets knocked off in the middle of the battle with the champion

the four horsemen of the apocalypse:

  • bojack

Achievement Get! tie your goshdarn shoes like a competent human being

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So one forza league I race in, every other season they will encourage “fantasy” liveries. Like using names, logos and stuff from books, comics, movies, etc.

So this season I made a livery based on a race team from Ridge Racer, Micro Mouse Mappy!

@Ste1lar this one cyfrowypolsat.pl/oferta/intern (not english)
around $1.50 a month for just unfirewalling and $5 for that plus static ip
mmmmnot that expensive now that i think about it but it's still more cost-effective to rent a cheap box imo

@Ste1lar wait no *rent a vps
though you could buy a single-board computer of some sort and host it from your home (as long as your isp doesn't put you behind a firewall and charge dollar to remove it like mine does)

@Ste1lar you can straight up buy a vps and run your own discord for that kind of money

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I hope that you all like Jolene
but if you don't please don't be mean
'cause on this ride you'll hear it lots, Jolene

The only part I know's Jolene
Lyrically it's evergreen
And so I sing it o'er and o'er, Jolene

@Mace oh but where could i possibly find one‽

@compufox could you describe it in the (unlikely) case that someone else has seen it also

@luna when you complain about the args being the tiniest bit abnormal that's an stdpout

re: lewd 

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me running for office: my policies are simple. medicare for all, rent control, minimum wage raised & pegged to inflation. *under my breath* also the darpa budget will be put entirely to making me a 152 foot tall coyote woman

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some days it feels like I'm the only person who remembers Ed Snowden

"don't nationalize this big tech company!!! imagine if the government had access to this data!!!"

God Can You Imagine A Dystopia Where The Government Had Easy Backdoor Access To All Our Communications, What A Wild Hypothetical

@devurandom woah woah woah slow down there bud i don't even know how to be a cutie let alone befriend one

@Felthry more likely it's that i really really suck at it
heck i didn't really 100% know what the difference was between a checkmate and a stalemate until i looked it up

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