A great deal of the song’s performative value is lost if you skip the verse where you apply a copious volume of shaving cream to your hands and slap them frantically against one another while shouting “RABID SHARK DOO DOO DOO DOO DOO DOO” at the top of your voice.

there are two wolves inside you. can you help them get portal 2 set up so they can do the co-op campaign together. one of the wolves has never played portal before so this should be really fun

This is beginning of the story of buntaro, i wanted to draw this long ago

re: sexual orientation linguistics question 

sexual orientation linguistics question 

sure she has a big tail, but what if we made it... bigger

#introduction part 2, now with 69% more random tidbits 

i hate working at toot support... the script never lets me help anyone

Found some random mastodon furries to follow, let's see how this thing pans out over time.

@miff i am honored to be one of your random choices

@Kyresti i will still try and look it up whenever an opportunity presents itself

probably through multiple proxies because i don't want the almighty google to think i'm an idiot (*blatantly ignores having sent the original toot through a google browser with a google keyboard on a google operating system*)

@Kyresti i'm more worried about the fact that said blood relatives live in the same house as me, which makes it hard to be secretive about it

...also i'll probably break down in tears whenever something goes wrong because apparently that's a thing i do

cool bug fact's:

i legitimately have no idea how to tie my shoelaces and now i'm too embarrassed to learn it what do i do

my girlfriend allison and i had our first year anniversary last month and we got this incredible commission from ikiruse on twitter, i cannot stop staring at it because im too fucking gay

The rain clattered on the roof while the gorgon dug through a box labelled 'Toys'.

"It'll be a while before it eases up so in the nicetime, maybe we can play a game?"

"Did you just say 'in the nicetime' instead of 'in the meantime'?"

"Yes; I'm nice now. So no more mean times from me."

My partner nudged me before I could correct her.

"How about Monopoly?" she suggested brightly.

Once a monster, always a monster, I growled inwardly.

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #UrbanFantasy

@knuxfanwin8 weakling

i still haven't gotten through my 500+ tv tropes tabs from 2 years ago and i probably never will

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