#introduction i guess 

hi my name is [redacted] and i exist

🇵🇱/male/bi probably

i'm mostly here for the haha funnies and arts and also (which rule btw, though and and are cool too)

am kinda okay at programming (no idea how) but decided to study graphic design instead because it sounds fun

one of those lucky people who somehow don't get disgusted/angered over stuff (online, at least)

will try to keep sad boi stuff out of here because there are people with more important problems out there but i might have a bit about it on my neocities website so if you really wanna see that then go ahead

i have a fursona named wesley (a background-character chubby golden 🐻 boi who's mute and can do illusion magic) but i don't really care about him that much (sorry u.u) so there's no art of him except my lazy ms paints of him doing epic meme poses (nor do i *really* want any to exist tbh)

also i have asperger's/hfa/whatever it's called by now, currently trying to pretend it doesn't affect my life at all even though it probably does

- Ralsei (capital letter because He's a literal deity)

the opposite of interests:
- politics
- drama
- roleplay
- being an actually sociable sentient lifeform
- egg


#introduction part 2, now with 69% more random tidbits 

i tend to be centrist/indecisive about quite a lot of things (except politics, oddly enough), usually it goes something like "this is obviously the right option" -> "actually that one's better now that i think about it" -> "ah screw it both of them are good

my preferred way of doing stuff (if i do it at all) is doing it quickly, then regreting it 5 nanoseconds later (often multiple times in a row)

i often pre-think (sometimes even pre-write) conversations that might happen in the near future, only to be caught off-guard when the person i'm talking to doesn't act exactly like i expected them to

my favorite types of humor are: sarcasm, visual gags, degradation (especially self-), and overly casual language

i'm usually honest about most things because lying is bad

i don't swear ("damn" doesn't count) but am cool with other people doing it

my official favorite color™ is acid green (ccff00) but my preferred skin/fur colors are: asriel white (ffffff), isabelle gold (ffcc00), retsuko orange (ff9900), unikitty pink (ff99ff), and kass blue (6699ff)

i kinda like fanfiction, haven't watched the show yet but i very much might also you should read this because it's epic fimfiction.net/story/62074/fri

soylent is cool

tulpas are cool also

oh and

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