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Just because something is legal, does not mean it is ethical or moral.

Just because something is ethical or moral, does not mean it is legal.

"Punishable By Fine" is capitalist for "Legal If Rich Enough."

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philly housing pol, +++ 

"Not only has a group of poor and homeless organizers managed through direct action to win an agreement that will set a precedent for the entire country, but we have also forced the city to exercise its power of the Philadelphia Housing Authority and finally get them to give up these vacant homes that have been blighting our communities for decades."

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Lots of people, maybe even the majority of us, simply don't have access to medical transition, or have contingent access to medical transition. But the way it gets talked about treats it as the norm, sometimes even the defining feature of living fully as a trans person.

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We are currently living in the great hat-less era. Every other phase of human history can be roughly categorized by the nature of the hats that are the norm. But not today, not since roughly the 50s where suddenly no one has been bothering wearing hats as part of every day fashion. You may see baseball / trucker hats in occasional use, but anything else would be a noticeable outlier. Many of the types of hat once popular would now get you mocked for being a weirdo if you dared don it.

I don't know what any of this means, and I don't know what prompted me to notice all of this.

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surveillance capitalism, nsfw-adj 

I read the other day that some iOS apps will peek at whatever’s on your clipboard for panopticon purposes, which, uh

that does absolutely mean that some poor underpaid soul has gotten blasted in the face with an entire multi-para ERP pose from my phone at *least* once

but, look, if you poke your head into my house without asking, it’s not *my* fault I’m not wearing pants

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Art trade warm-up ❤️
This guy's design is sick as hell?? I wish I could have done it more justice!

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A lot of people wish they could understand all language, and that’s awesome, but for me, I’d rather be a universal conduit

Like, you want to plug that muskrat into an Atari? Let’s DO IT

I take out a hotel keycard, swipe it through the Statue of David’s ass and get a direct line to Michelangelo

I just feed 35mm film directly into a USB port, so I can watch old movies and ask the characters questions

I hold a seance, have a conversation with a ghost, get him to boost my WiFi signal so I can talk to the aliens one galaxy over, they’ve mastered time travel

Boom! Suddenly you can’t remember who Hitler was

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web/javascript rant 

burn it. lets burn the web down and start over

apparently to display this number you need:

- react/gatsby (at least a few hundred dependencies), because javascript is the only way to display a number in the web browser

- netlify/vercel and aws lambda, so not only do you have potential aws lock-in, but also another platform built on top of it

- a proprietary, hosted-only, nosql database

now we can increment and display a number! 🎉

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Linux Calendar App request, boosts requested, replies encouraged 

Does anyone know of a calendar app that will sync with a server that *isn't* part of another thing unlike Lightning on Thunderbird for Linux?

Would be better if it's open source please.

Bonus points if I can have it above my desktop like a widget on iOS or Android, but not necessary.

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Here's a finished commission for @g ! Niss seems to be enjoying her time in the pool

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LB: cnbc.com/2020/09/17/white-hous if you're looking for a source.

“There was concern from some in the White House Domestic Policy Council and the office of the vice president that households receiving masks might create concern or panic,”


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uspol recent news 

it just broke that the USPS had a plan in place to send 5 masks to every single household back at the start of the pandemic in April and was ready to do it

and the white house blocked it

possible addition to bio 

"rules for me but not for thee"

cool online nametag (but advanced) thing 

vaguely -, vaguely vent, vaguely intrusive thought 

tbh why should i bother with pronouns in bio if nobody talks about me anyway amiright /s /kinda

(note: this does not mean you should talk about me now, i actually kinda like [being low-key] i think)

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