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Jerome (died 420) speaks of certain Greek writers who misunderstood the Hebrew letters יהוה‎ (read right-to-left) as the Greek letters ΠΙΠΙ (read left-to-right), thus changing YHWH to PIPI.

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Fu*ck it icon comms!!! Everyone told me like £22 (roughly $30 usd dollas) quid moneys would be ok

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You listen to a song you know. You press pause mid-song. The music continues inside your head.

Some minutes later, you press pause again to continue the playback. The music plays back ... (compared to the track in your head)

:boost_requested:​ if someone's profile says any pronouns, would you consider it safe to use it/its for that person? (assume asking is not an option)

rp talk, fictional injury mention 

other people's rp characters: macro rampages through a city, injuring millions "this is morally acceptable"
my rp character: magically gives everyone on earth voluntary immortality and transformation powers "aaaaa but what if they don't want those i'm bad,,"
(yes godmodding sh)

furry lewd, hyper penis, extreme macro 

my brain refuses to stop thinking about this comic by goattrain and i swear it's not because of the dong furaffinity.net/view/37034936/
( first part if you'd rather read in order: furaffinity.net/view/37034823/ )

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"Who sent you?"
The intruder froze.
"You haven't come to seek gold or glory for yourself," the dragon said.
It was a short, sad, familiar story.
"Do you want to stay," the dragon asked, "with the others?"
The dragon called for his adopted children.
"I hoard family."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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article about gifted kid burnout 






"Research done by Professor Carol Dweck (author of Mindsets: The New Psychology of Success) shows that giving kids positive labels such as “gifted”, “talented”, or “smart” in their formative years pushes them into what she calls a “fixed mindset”: believing that qualities are “set in stone”, “fearing challenge and devaluing effort” — with a fixed mindset, people “[don’t] want to do anything that could expose their flaws and call into question their talent”."


it me

or was me, for the longest time

and kinda still is, but i'm trying to shake it off

hey y'all, come participate in the International™Asynchronous Rock Paper Scissors™ Tournament™ 2021™!™ ikatokai.com/iarpst2021

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Hey! We're running a game jam on Itch that focuses on making an audio game. Audio games are games that are played completely by ear and don't have eyes as a minimum requirement! I'd absolutely love for you to join and give it a try!
And if you know someone that might find this interesting, maybe tell them? <3
We start on April 9th, and submissions close on April 26th.
More info here: itch.io/jam/no-video-jam-2

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subtoot that is also a doodle 

neurons activated

i made a random neopronoun generator because why not 


my favorites so far are unfortunately mostly jokes

  • they/them/their/theirs/themselves
  • she/shem/sher/shers/shemself
  • mye/myer/myer/myers/myerself
  • dee/dem/deer/deers/deerself (deers good)
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you do NOT need a "proper" deed poll to change your name. you can do it online for free, just print it off & do all the signing stuff

if ANYONE give you shit, they can not. this is legal & perfectly fine



#namechange #trans #LGBTQIA #change #beingme

sexual abuse mention mention 

today in Very Fun Things: the only definition of valid (in an identity context) that i could find so far is on urban dictionary in 6th place, and is accompanied by a multi-paragraph fictional scenario involving the words anal rape being said

the definition itself is tame and good though

Used when you're making a statement about how someone's personality, character, or entire existence, is 100% normal and should be seen/accepted as a good thing.

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"But Sierra, how DO you trick AI training algorithms and sabotage surveillance capitalism?"

It's easy! all you need is a pen and paper

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what's that one website where 

one makes an account and sets tags for oneself like otherkin and neurodivergent and likes long walks on the beach, then sets what tags one's looking for and then gets a list of people to talk to
specifically looking for it because it had an advanced pronoun system where one can set multiple sets to be used at random and i wanted to share that elsewhere because i think it's cool

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