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@Dayglochainsaw Sweet good idea, hey everyone play my game it's at and it's a text adventure about probability as the fifth fundamental interaction, there's a lion who keeps popping up in increasingly elaborate and unlikely disguises, it's screen-reader friendly and you can run it no problem on a single-core laptop from 2005 (heck that's my dev machine), please boost because I'm crap at marketing

His name's Rev and he's the first adoptable I ever bought from someone. He deserved a redesign.

#oc #pokemon #art #eevee


"Our analysis of more than two hundred samples of pay data provided by DoorDash workers across the country finds that DoorDash pays the average worker an astonishingly low $1.45/hour, after accounting for the costs of mileage and additional payroll taxes borne by independent contractors. Nearly a third of jobs actually pay less than $0 after accounting for these basic expenses."

Circle of Spores 🍄[HyenaEmoji]🍄
So many, of the mushroom

I doodled an icon for myself! ...and then I doodled mushrooms all over it :3

The Mushlings on Artimus are
Puck (bottom, Pixie's Parasol) and Mote (Top, Fly Agaric)!

short sci-fi 

something i need to internalize is that i can feasibly only sustain weirdness in software in one direction at a time. i can write a thing i already know how to build in a language i don't know, or i can build something i don't yet know in a thing i do know, but i cannot do both without getting dissuaded by the lack of progress

low-quality text meme fusion 

vent but in a "look at me i suck!" kind of way so don't bother tbh 

oKAY here's my new sona!!!! i am buny

art by Inklingss on birdsite!!

horny, hyper null, drone, vibrators, butt 

logo redesign for my gamedev team, in vector and sprite forms (as mentioned in lastpost) - old design is the last image for reference

lemme know what you think!

all the sliding blackboards just keep sliding to reveal more blackboards. go deep enough and you'll find last lecture's notes, and the ones before them, and so on and so forth. eventually you find notes in dead languages, then in archaic alphabets, then in pictographs.

then a long zone of blankness.

then english, but with a strange affect and a few letters (or punctuation?) you don't recognize.

then static, rendered lovingly in chalk.

I jumped on the whole planesona thing when a lot of my friends were ragging on 'em

They stopped when I made a really cute one

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