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#introduction i guess 

hi my name is [redacted] and i exist

πŸ‡΅πŸ‡±/male/bi probably

i'm mostly here for the haha funnies and arts and also (which rule btw, though and and are cool too)

am kinda okay at programming (no idea how) but decided to study graphic design instead because it sounds fun

one of those lucky people who somehow don't get disgusted/angered over stuff (online, at least)

will try to keep sad boi stuff out of here because there are people with more important problems out there but i might have a bit about it on my neocities website so if you really wanna see that then go ahead

i have a fursona named wesley (a background-character chubby golden 🐻 boi who's mute and can do illusion magic) but i don't really care about him that much (sorry u.u) so there's no art of him except my lazy ms paints of him doing epic meme poses (nor do i *really* want any to exist tbh)

also i have asperger's/hfa/whatever it's called by now, currently trying to pretend it doesn't affect my life at all even though it probably does

- Ralsei (capital letter because He's a literal deity)

the opposite of interests:
- politics
- drama
- roleplay
- being an actually sociable sentient lifeform
- egg

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uspol covid important 

starting today hospitals aren't allowed to report numbers to the CDC directly

they have to go through a private entity that's politically biased

don't trust the CDC numbers

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the twitter dot com web site, real events, not a shitpost 

verified accounts are banned from posting

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guess what, i'm being dumb once again 

idk why but reading about otherkin and such makes me feel weird
like there are people out there with actual dysphoria about their human flesh husk and i'm just here selfishly wanting a transformation because it'd be "cool"? that could be it maybe??

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horny game pitch 

Interactive fiction set 7 years after a random hypothetical playthrough of some horny tf smut game where you and all your companions got turned into random horny monsters, furries, ditzy girls, etc

You all meet up in a bar and discuss how things have gone since then. The game itself has 0 horny scenes and rarely fully explains what happens in the past instead focusing on the experience of reconnecting with friends after finding out ur all queer through a kinda traumatic event

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so i did a bit of digging, and it turns out Ferris is the unofficial mascot of Rust! I loved these emojis so much that were made by @mutantstd / @dzuk that I spent the afternoon making them into cross stitch patterns!

Bc converters are temperamental, I freehanded the emoji designs onto the grid πŸ˜… also wanted to round it out to 8 patterns so i made the extra sweat drop design at the end cuz why not ! (i used that one a bunch lol)


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on being raised as a white christian in america 

i was raised to be racist

i was raised to be homophobic

i was raised to be sexist

i'd've been raised to be transphobic, but that'd be an acknowledgement that trans people exist

basically: i was raised in white culture

that culture grooms us to sort people into "us" vs "them", good civilized people vs. violent n-words, good family men vs. aids-spreading f-words, real men and women vs. crossdressing t-word freaks, sensible men suitable for political office vs. unhinged hysterical women, etc

other countries? inferior. other religions? violent. the indigenous people? they're lucky we saved them. cops? good. protesters? bad.

oh, and speaking of assumptions: my family watches MSNBC and reliably votes for democrats every single election.

we need to stop this. it's on us. we need to not let the next generation get poisoned by the great white lie. we need to awaken the current generations and force every single white person to confront the lie.

not everyone will become immune to the great white lie. some people's life work is perpetuating the lie. but exposing the lie is the work that needs to be done.

this is just my take, as someone who spent most of her life inside of the white culture. it's a shitty (and boring!) culture and deserves to be destroyed. let's do it.

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Why in the hell is Microsoft making Notepad a "legacy" and "optional" app in Windows 10??

- Editing text files is a common thing you have to do on a computer.
- Notepad is TINY. It barely makes a scratch on modern disks.

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TIL about the card games Dick and Bards Dispense Profanity. Apples to Apples / Cards Against Humanity style question/answer party game, except all the answers are short out-of-context quotations from Herman Melville's novel or Shakespeare plays.

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Concept: Fursuit with follow-you eyes, but instead of always making eye contact they're always looking to the side.

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"Capitalism is human nature" is best summed up as someone who lets Big Oil build a pipeline in their backyard, then being forced to die of cancer in their 40s -- 10 years after their neighbors who didn't want the pipeline and therefore didn't get paid to have it forced into their backyards.

Capitalism *denies* humans their nature, and only grants a small fraction of it to those willing to give up the rest by kissing and cleaning the boots of the Almighty Dollar.

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bro I'm dying I'm listening to this presentation at work specifically for their "diversity and inclusion" program and everyone who isn't white is like "I started as a contractor, I applied here five times and they didn't hire me" and the white dude there is like "I never even considered taking a contractor job" and I'm fucking livid I'm losing my mind

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also here is a lesbian flag made to be inclusive of black and brown lesbians and i think its really cool looking

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This is how Shiba samurai hold and draw their swords, and you cannot convince me differently.



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hey hivemind of mastodon and particularly the #spoonie communities thereof

do y'all know a site that will give you like an arthritis weather forecast? like "here's what we expect in the next couple hours for how badly barometric pressure changes are going to fuck with you"

this seems like something that should exist but i've not found it with like... simple "you're fucked!" vs "you should be ok". i admittedly did some niffling around awhile back and thus found no joy but i feel like i've gotta be missing something and someone will be able to go "oh yeah, here it is right here" because i've missed some obvious bit

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What about the skills that capitalist society doesn't value or values less? Storytelling in compelling or engaging ways, music writing (which is a whole constellation of skills), aesthetic analysis, imagination in a thousand ways (visual, auditory, tactile, etc). Why don't we talk about how amazing people with clear effective self-talk are? Why does the world feel dismissive of people who can do complex rhythmic analysis and recreation unless they're a professional musician?

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